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Review: The Sheriff’s Mail-Order Bride by Ann B Harrison

Series: The Watson Brothers #2the-sheriffs-mail-order-bride

Title: The Sheriff’s Mail-Order Bride

Author: Ann B Harrison

Publisher: Tule Publishing, Montana Born

Published: January 10th, 2017

Pages: 163

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

Unemployed and desperate, single mother, Gina Taylor, is desperate to provide a secure, safe future for her baby boy and answers an advert for a mail order bride. The person posting the advert is the widowed deputy sheriff, Rory Watson. He got the idea after his brother Chance did something similar, then met and fell in love with one of the respondents. He wasn’t expecting Gina to turn up early and with a baby in her arms! She kept her son’s existence secret and he neglected to inform her about the run down property that he hopes will be their home after it has lots of work done on it. With both of them hiding things from the other, can love find a way to bring them together? There are other surprises in store and much to be worked through before there’s any chance of them achieving their HEA together!

This is a delightful read with reasons for everyone’s behaviours and attitudes, their back stories and reactions explained through the story. There’s plenty of drama, trauma and turmoil before anything can work out, making it an intriguing but charming romance set in the scenic Montana countryside. The community has some brilliant secondary characters in it – I loved the priest! A great book to escape into – I’ll certainly be endeavouring to look out for the next in the series, ‘The Doctor’s Husband’!

Many thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for gifting me an ARC of this novel. This is my honest review.


Laid off and down to her last few dollars, Gina Taylor is desperate to provide for her baby boy when she sees an advertisement for a mail order bride in Marietta, Montana. On just a photo of a serious but handsome man and the charm of his kind, deep voice on the phone, Gina packs up her few belongings and leaves the hardships of San Francisco behind.

When widowed deputy sheriff Rory Watson buys a neglected ranch in desperate need of repairs and a homey touch, he realizes how much he misses the companionship marriage offers. His brother found a bride and happiness with an advertisement. Maybe he can too. But Rory gets more than he bargained for when Gina arrives, baby on her hip.

Rory can forgive a lot, but Gina never mentioned a baby. His instinct is to send her home, but his uneasy conscience insists she stay–temporarily. Gradually, Rory discovers that Gina’s smile, love of country life, and can-do attitude wake up something he never knew was dormant, and the chubby baby reminds him of how much he once wanted a family.

Can a down-on-her-luck woman find the home she’s always wanted with a man afraid to love again?

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