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Review: The Message by Yan Vana

Title: The Messagethe-message

Author: Yan Vana

Publisher: Falcondale Press

Published: February 2016

Pages: 175

Rating: 4.5/5

My Review:

What a wake up call this very different book turned out to be! It shares an official inquiry into Retha and  the unwarranted destruction of this previously amazing planetary nature reserve. The story is related via a personal journal, messages exchanged and the official inquiry. It starts with the end, and ends with the beginning and between the two takes the reader on a journey where ecological disaster, romance and blame are all key elements. I found it an enthralling read, with many surprises along the way. If you’re looking for a straight-forward science fiction or romance, this probably isn’t for you. If enjoy superbly descriptive, emotively written stories in which reports of factual style investigations as well as personal journal entries play key roles, then you’ll probably love it – I know I did!

This is a very different, but highly effective way of getting ‘The Message’ across. It really is a warning message, one that the world needs to wake up to IMHO. I enjoyed the factual background provided in the Preface and the concluding messages which act as an epilogue. The romantic elements are there, too, with some great characters and an engaging back story that continues to develop throughout this story. The use of different styles of writing I thought might detract but I’m very pleased to say that, for me, it did the opposite, enhancing the ‘message’ and bringing it to life. It also enabled events occurring at different times to be related and connected in a meaningful manner.

This is my honest review after being gifted a copy of the book with no obligation or reward to read or review.


The Message follows an official Inquiry into the wanton destruction of a Protected Nature Reserve. The first witnesses give evidence of the extent of the damage and later witnesses identify those responsible. As the Inquiry unfolds it becomes apparent that the Inquiry is being undertaken by Regulators from other galaxies who have responsibility for the protection of Protected Reserves throughout the Cosmos.

Science Fiction?

A love story?

A study of human civilisation?

A warning message?

Buy Links:    Amazon (UK)         Amazon (US)     

The author kindly agreed to answer my questions and his interview is also posted today, check it out here!

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