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Review: The Tesla Brothers: Buteo’s Story by Angela March

Series: The Tesla Brothers #1buteos-story

Title: The Tesla Brothers: Buteo’s Story

Author: Angela March

Publisher: Angela March Books LLC

Published: January 27th, 2017

Pages: 238

Rating: 5/5

My Review:

From the very start, this novel took me into the world of the Tesla brothers, immersing me in their cultural beliefs, initially from their mother’s point of view but later from other members of their circle. The author’s love, interest and personal connections to her own Cherokee ancestors shines through as Buteo (Teo) Redmane Tesla’s story unfolds. The pull of opposing heritages, the disrespect from peers and the strong, powerful Native American heritage are key to the story.

Teo is the oldest of three brothers. He has had his problems reconciling the attitudes and beliefs of the two cultures he’s grown up belonging to. When his girlfriend of two years literally walks out and disappears on him he has difficulties reconciling her behaviour and his feelings, even three years later. When a new tenant moves into his old family home she’s a real distraction. The feisty red head attracts him like no one has for years. He’s torn, unable to decide whether to take a chance on love again. With family pressures, financial difficulties to be overcome and a need to bring his brothers and him back to working together as well as a need to reconnect with his grandfather and Chief, nothing is going to be easy.

This is a story exploring emotional turmoil. It has many surprising elements (trying not to give spoilers away). There’s danger, an unexpected child, selfish behaviour, and even a wolf in this action packed, emotional roller coaster. I love how this author engages readers with the characters and their emotions, encouraging empathising with them in their turmoil. I really couldn’t see some of this working out, it was a real page turner and now I can’t wait to read the parallel stories of the two other brothers, Osprey and Apolomado, who are the main focus of the next two books in this trilogy.


Only now have I begun to understand my inner demons. I’m an asshole to all that know me, dark, brooding, with a silent rage burning inside. Loyal, fierce and prideful to those closest to me. They call me their protector. I found love by happenstance, then, one day that love vanished. No ‘Dear John letter’, she just vanished without a trace. Was it because of my hot-headedness and my need for structure and order in my life. That incident caused me to reevaluate my ways. When a fiery redhead walks into my life, Paige Defoor, solidified my need to be a better man. When my life has a sudden twist, she let me go, giving up our happiness and possibly our future in order for me to correct the mistakes of my past.

We’ve been called savages and heathens our entire existence shoved to the side and openly judged within this great country of ours. I was born into two cultures, one heavily steeped in heritage from my elders and beliefs passed down through the generations, and one modern and new. I am Buteo Redmane Tesla, a proud half-blooded Native American, and this is my story.

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Angela March has agreed to be interviewed on this blog – read what she reveals here!

I have also previously read and reviewed her earlier novel, ‘After August

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