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Review: Collide by Michelle Madow

Title: Collidecollide

Author: Michelle Madow

Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing

Published: February 9th, 2017

Pages: 310

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

Michelle Madow has done it again – written a very different, highly individual story. In this case a teenager attends the school Halloween dance, where she is shot. Instead of dying, however, she awakens a week earlier in a parallel universe, one where her Mom wasn’t killed in a car accident six months ago, a universe where her friends, grades and especially her boyfriend are totally different. The story explores, through the parallel universes, how choices can have long lasting impacts.It also explores how it is possible to strive to change what happens if you have prior knowledge of events and consequences.

This is an action packed multi-timeline story, which can be a tad confusing at times, but is definitely worth sticking with. The reader is taken straight into the fast paced, action packed story which includes different friendships, attitudes and beliefs. It explores these and there’s even a love triangle aspect between the parallel universes. It is an intricate exploration of choices, especially as the main character tries to encourage others in the parallel scenarios to try to change what will happen at the dance. Can you imagine trying to convince your friends to do something different because you know otherwise something dreadful will happen – and trying to ensure they still think you’re sane whilst doing so?

This is an emotive subject. I’m always somewhat wary of stories involving school shootings but the multi universe aspects of the story do help with this and it is interesting how the main character, Anna, strives to prevent it having the same devastating impact in the parallel worlds. It leaves some threads unresolved – maybe sequels are in the pipeline?

Many thanks to the author for gifting me a copy of this novel with no obligation. This is my honest review.


I should have died when I was shot at the Halloween dance.

Instead I woke up—one week earlier, in a parallel universe where my mom’s fatal car accident six months ago never happened.

A world with my mom still in it was all I ever wanted. But in this timeline, everything is different—my grades, my friends, and even my boyfriend. I’m a stranger in my own body, and I don’t like who I’ve become.

But one thing is the same—that shooting will still happen at the end of the week.

I’m the only one who knows. Which means I’m the only one who can stop it.

But first I need to convince someone—anyone—that I’m telling the truth… and then get them to help me.

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