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Review: Baking for Keeps by Jessica Gilmore

Series: Bachelor Bake-Off #4baking-for-keeps

Title: Baking for Keeps 

Author: Jessica Gilmore

Publisher: Montana Born, Tule Publishing

Published: February 28th, 2017

Pages: 193

Rating: 4/5


This series, set in Marietta, Montana concerns the participants in the Bachelor Bake-Off which is being organised to help finance ‘Harry’s House’, a house where it is planned children can go, take part in activities, learn key life skills and be helped with their studies. A safe place for them all being created in memory of Harry Monroe, a first responder who was tragically killed whilst endeavouring to help an elderly couple. Each story in the series has one of the bachelor’s participating in the bake-off as the focus.

My Review:

This is the fourth novel in this series and stars the very taciturn, insular, Zac Malone and his antithesis, the bubbly, open, warm and friendly Lacey Hathaway. Zac has travelled to Marietta on business, expecting to stay for a few months whilst sorting out the financial records and software for the town hall and training up the staff to use it. His company specialise in such transactions and Zac is the boss. He usually stays in a hotel whilst working away from home but this time his assistant has booked him lodgings in the home of two feisty elderly ladies who are fantastic bakers. This would be fine. He can maintain his reclusive behaviour, eat, sleep and work in his room and really not have to socialise at all. Well, that’s what he hoped originally. Fate has other plans in store for him!

Lacey lives with her aunts, having settled with them after a childhood spent travelling around the globe with her musical parents and brother. Now she’s thoroughly enjoying her job as the manager and a DJ at the local radio station. She’s also eagerly anticipating the return home of her brother who has agreed to participate in the Bachelor Bake-Off . . . Have you guessed it? Her brother lets her and his aunt’s down so they need to find another Bachelor quickly – and there’s one right under their roof! They manage to persuade Zac to participate but he has a major condition of his own – inept baker Lacey must also learn to cook the required dishes! Is this a recipe for disaster – or a delicious dessert topped with a sprinkling of romance?

This is a delectable tale, with great main characters who bring out the best in each other and a plot which pulls threads from community interactions, interweaving them to create a emotive tale of Marietta as well as their romance. It is another heart warming romance in this delicious series and I have no hesitation in highly recommending this – and all the other books in the series that I’ve read so far! I can’t wait to read more in this series. Whilst the books have the same overview, the stories are actually written so they can be read as a standalone or in any order.

Many thanks to the publishers for gifting me a copy of this novel, via NetGalley, with no obligation. This is my honest review.


Lacey Hathaway has it all — a job she loves as a local radio DJ, a home with her adored, eccentric aunt and, best of all, a community after a childhood traveling with her musical parents. So what if her life is a little too safe? Marietta is everything to Lacey. Not only is she helping to organize the Bachelor Bake-Off and filming a documentary about the process, she’s also volunteered her brother as a Bachelor. But, when her brother backs out, Lacey has to find a last-minute replacement. And who better than her aunt’s lodger, gorgeous – if taciturn – Zac Malone?

Zac’s not exactly community-minded. In fact, he makes it clear that the sooner he’s out of Marietta the better. But when Lacey persuades him of the powerful impact the Bake-Off funds will have on local children, he decides to give it a go. On one condition. If he has to learn to bake, so does disaster-in-the-kitchen Lacey. Desserts aren’t the only thing heating up, and as the attraction flares and Zac makes plans to leave, Lacey’s beginning to realize that maybe there is a world beyond Marietta’s borders after all… if she’s brave enough to take that step.

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