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Blog Tour + Excerpt: Blind Faith by Nancy Haviland


by Nancy Haviland
Steel Jackals MC #2
Publication Date: February 28, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, MC



After years of solitude, Tish O’Malley made the mistake of assuming happiness was finally hers. But before she can relax her guard and enjoy her protective—albeit secretive—Sergeant at Arms, another selfish choice made by her unconscionable drug-addict mother brings about deadly consequences. With Rachel conveniently tucked away behind bars, her massive debt is laid at Tish’s feet.

Josh “The Guardian” Sylvan knew when he claimed his young queen, her well-being would become his life’s purpose. When her mother’s senseless idiocy brings his estranged father’s notorious club to town, to protect Tish, Josh must consider taking out a member of the Obsidian Devils MC. Can he risk it all? Jeopardize his brothers and their families as they stand at his back, preparing to fight this personal battle?

Everything changes when Josh discovers his and Tish’s love has produced the one thing that will bind her to his side forever. Only then does indecision flee, and possessive rage takes over.


An Excerpt to whet your appetite:

Josh scrubbed a hand down his face and placed his beer on the end table. He made sure to drop it, knowing the sound would wake Tish because she was the lightest sleeper there was.

She didn’t stir.

He cleared his throat.



Fuck all.

He slid off the chair and crossed the space between them on his knees. Taking the hem of her Johnny Cash tank, he lifted it until enough of her stomach was bared for him to kiss. Thirty enjoyable seconds later, not even a murmur.

He shook her shoulder. “Tish? Come on, babe. Time to wake up.”

Her face finally shifted, then her body followed with a stretch that made her shirt rise until her white lacy bra was revealed. The low moan she gave him was the sexiest shit ever.

“Wake up and have something to eat. We’ll go straight to bed after.” Mmm. He was in the mood for some lazy loving. She’d joked the other day that his spooning always turned into sex. He wouldn’t mind proving her right.

“Not hungry.”

She rolled over and fell instantly asleep again. Uh, okay. Knowing she often skipped lunch, Josh gave her ass a light tap with his knuckles before lifting her like he used to when she was a kid. He propped her up in the corner of the sofa and sat next to her. The effort it took for her to peel her eyes open made him frown.

He felt her forehead. “What the fuck’s wrong with you?”

“Jus’ tired. Can we go to bed now?” She leaned forward and cuddled into his side with her knees up to her chest.

“I made some soup. Did you have lunch?”

She shook her head. “Didn’t feel well. I just sat in class. I’ll eat breakfast in the morning. Promise.”

He scooped her up and headed for the bathroom. A cool shower would wake her up. “Like I’m gonna let you go twenty-four hours without eating,” he muttered then cursed silently. She was stressed. Not sleeping well. She was used to late nights, but he was waking her in the middle of them because he was a selfish prick who took advantage of her open arms every time he felt the need to get inside her.

He put her on her feet then had to catch her when she bowed like a tree. “Tish!”

“Sorry,” she mumbled. “You made me dizzy.” She yawned and rubbed at her temples.

“Do you have a headache?”

She nodded. “For a couple of days now.”

“Aw, babe.” He lifted her chin and kissed her. “I’m not sure if I should reward you or give you hell for not bitching.” He didn’t have to think about it for long. “Don’t keep shit from me. If you’re not feeling good, I wanna know.”

“’Kay.” She looked up at him with exhaustion pulling her eyes down at the corners. “I feel like shit.”

He chuckled and turned away, but couldn’t keep his eyes off her for more than a few seconds before he was coming back. He was just in time to see her fall to her knees in front of the toilet and vomit in a noisy rush.

He cursed and snapped a cloth from the shelf. After running it under cool water, he joined her. “You should have stayed home today.” He didn’t have to work at gentling his tone as he gave her mouth a wipe before folding the cloth and catching the tears hovering on her lashes.

“Sorry. Can you whisper?”

His lips thinned at how fast this had escalated. He got up and stomped out to the kitchen to fetch her a bottle of water. He twisted the cap off and handed it to her when he returned. “Next time you feel sick, you don’t play hero. You stay the fuck in bed and sleep it off. Understand?”

“Leave me alone, Josh,” she whispered as heaved herself up and moved over to brush her teeth. “I’m too tired to do this.”

Too tired to listen to his panicky, bitchy instructions? he thought as he gave the toilet a quick clean before washing his hands.

After rinsing for a long time, Tish’s lip curled when she saw she’d soiled the bottom of her shirt. She slipped it off and then thrilled the fuck out of him by shedding the rest of her clothes and getting into the shower. She closed the curtain only halfway so he was free to watch her soap up and rinse…

He pushed off the sink and drew closer when she winced while washing her breasts. “What’s wrong?”

“Boobs hurt,” she mumbled.

Shock nailed him like a punch to the face.




Sore breasts.

Pure joy burned up right from deep in Josh’s soul. It made his eyes instantly water and his nose burn.


It couldn’t be.

Holy fuck.

He stumbled back and narrowed his eyes on Tish’s flat midriff as his chest pumped through some heavy breaths. “Tish?”

“Hm?” She finished rinsing the conditioner out of her hair and shut the water off.


“Yeah?” she said around a yawn as she grabbed a towel and started drying off.

Josh walked out.




Nineteen-year-old Tish O’Malley has loved Josh “The Guardian” Sylvan since she was a child. When her reticent hero returns to Queen Creek after serving a three-year prison term meant for her mother, Tish is through pretending this man nearly twice her age isn’t the only happiness she’s ever known.

Will the viciously loyal Sergeant at Arms stand by his instant and brutal rejection of the woman Tish has become? Or will he give in and claim her as his young queen despite his best efforts to resist the one female who should never have made it on his radar?

*PLEASE BE AWARE: Blind Devotion was formerly released in November 2015 as HIS YOUNG QUEEN by TIFF P. RAINE. It has been revised, given a new title and cover, but it hasn’t been altered enough for any information to be missed if you don’t re-read before continuing with the books that will follow. This is the intro to the STEEL JACKALS MC series, and it’s in Tish O’Malley’s POV only. Hers and Josh’s story will continue in dual POV in BLIND FAITH, which is scheduled for release at the end of February 2017.

**WARNING: Contains drug use, profanity, and explicit sexual situations. If you’re not comfortable with frequent use of the C-words or a demanding alpha biker fresh out of prison, please skip reading this book. +18



Nancy Haviland is an award-winning, bestselling romance (suspense, erotic, contemporary) author who writes about her possessive alpha males and their obsessively loved women from her home in Southwestern Ontario. Her greatest loves are her family and that ever-present cooling cup of coffee at her elbow.

To stay up-to-date on new releases, click the yellow button above or join her reader list at http://bit.ly/NHNewsletter. To stay in the loop, you can also visit www.nancyhaviland.com!

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