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Review: The Policewoman by Justin WM Roberts

I am reposting my edited review for this novel because it has been significantly edited and is now even better. Highly recommend to anyone interested in reading a novel set in the near future involving international anti-terrorist units and a strong female lead!

Title: The Policewoman2017-422-justin-roberts-85x11inch

Author:Justin WM Roberts

Publisher: Lulu Publishing Services

Published: October 26th, 2016

Pages: 480

Rating: 4.5/5

My Review:

Set in 2026, this is a near future, dystopian action packed crime thriller with a very strong female lead, Sarah was a policewoman in Indonesia but she was ambitious, determined and resourceful. She has worked with a special Indonesian anti terrorist unit, Densus-88, as well as with Interpol. Assigned to work with an England based team to find and stop the Irish drug cartel which operates in England, Ireland and Indonesia, her cover identity is as a model! She’s a lean, mean fighting machine when necessary, a beautiful, intelligent and well read linguist and focussed young lady who is loyal to those she cares for – and lethal to those she doesn’t!

There are some brilliant, fast paced, realistic scenes which, together with superb dialogue make this an enthralling read. The ending, however, should come with a warning – it is truly harrowing! Since I originally reviewed this novel, the author has edited the story, improving the flow and reader engagement significantly — the new version was released on March 29th, 2017! I suspect the author must have some experiences of similar scenarios either personally or through thorough research. He certainly brings it all to life in this thrilling, enthralling read! Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys crime/police thrillers with a strong female lead and high calibre action throughout – it is also a powerful warning of what our near future may bring!

Many thanks to the author for gifting me a copy of this novel without any obligation to read or review.


In the year 2026, narcoterrorism wreaks havoc on the world as drug cartels operate as dominating, murderous dictatorships. The powerful Irish Drug Cartel has set up drug manufacturing plants in England, Ireland, and Indonesia and they will kill anyone who gets in their way. Sarah is an ambitious policewoman from an antiterrorist unit called Densus-88. She’s also smart, beautiful, and extremely good at her job, which is why she is assigned to an Interpol Incident Response Team, set up to find and stop The Cartel. Alongside colleagues from the United Kingdom’s SAS, she must quickly learn new Close Quarters Battle tactics and apply them to a vengeful and threatening battlefield. Sarah’s investigation appears to be going well until the fight turns personal. She must now struggle to save her friends, family, and even herself. Spanning the globe with a keen knowledge of special forces tactics and some genuinely shocking twists, this book warns of a bloody, drug-addled future we may soon face.

Buy Links:    Amazon (UK)         Amazon (US)

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