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Review: Tempting the Deputy by Heidi Rice

Series: Men of Marietta #1

Title: Tempting the Deputy by Heidi Rice

Author: Heidi Rice

Publisher: Montana Born, Tule Publishing

Published: March 21st, 2017

Pages: 157

Rating: 4.5/5

My Review:

Wow – the start of a new series based in Marietta, Montana – I couldn’t wait to read this story! I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It continues on from the Bachelor Bake-off series but you don’t need to have read those stories to appreciate this one. The key elements for this new series are the hunky first responders – cowboys, firefighters, medics, lawmen, pilots, etc – who are to pose for a calendar to raise money to help fund the development of Harry’s house, a community driven project to honour Harry who was tragically killed whilst trying to help an elderly couple. The project is to develop a safe place for children to go before and after school, a place where they can have support, activities and so much more whenever they need it. This first story tells how the idea of the pin up hotties calendar started . . . .

Charlotte (Charlie) Foster is a feisty, independent and very successful photographer who resents any alpha male trying to tell her what she should do. That’s exactly what happened when Logan Tate, a Marietta rancher who also works as a Deputy Sheriff, first spots her taking photographs near to where Harry was killed. He demands she rides into town with him and when she refuses he arrests her! After such an auspicious introduction he actually doesn’t charge her once they get to town but when she turns up at Grey’s Saloon and suggests the first responders pose naked for a calendar to raise funds he definitely doesn’t think it a good idea!

The chemistry between Charlie and Logan is so hot! There is some brilliant banter between them and with the other first responders. The sexual tension is high and there are many laugh out loud moments in the story, too. They are brought vividly to life in the story – and when you consider they’re all going to be posing for the calendar in future stories it is such a shame it is only in my imagination and not hanging in front of me now! It is great to go back to visit the Marietta community and even if you haven’t read other stories based there it is still brought to life brilliantly in this book. For those who are familiar with the location, many familiar people and places are there in this story like old friends. This is a brilliant start to the new series and I really look forward to reading more stories involving these heroic young men in future.

I received a copy of this story via NetGalley and this is my honest review after reading it.


Tough, taciturn and wounded in ways that no one else knows about, Marietta rancher and part-time Deputy Sheriff Logan Tate is a man in total control of his life. Until he catches British photographer Charlotte Foster hitchhiking and ‘insists’ she gets a ride into town in his squad car…

After her run-in with Deputy Hardass, Charlie Foster is ready to ride her thumb right back out of Marietta the very next day. But that night, a trip to Grey’s Saloon fires up her imagination – and her wild side – when she overhears the town’s first responders panicking over how to come up with the money needed to repair Harry’s House in just 90 days.

Charlie has an ingenious solution to their problem, that might just require her to photograph twelve smokin’ hot guys naked. And, as luck would have it, also involves getting some much needed payback on Deputy Hardass–who isn’t too enthusiastic about participating in the calendar shoot.

But as he spends more time with Charlie, Logan can’t ignore the chemistry sizzling between them. Can a man who lives by the rules fall in love with a woman who breaks all of his?

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