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Review: The Chocolate Comeback by Roxanne Snopek

Series:  Love at the Chocolate Shop #7 

Title: The Chocolate Comeback

Author: Roxanne Snopek

Publisher: Montana Born. Tule Publishing

Published: April 6th, 2017

Pages: 194

Rating: 5/5

My Review:

I’m loving this whole series and this is another superb read. . . mind you, I’ve enjoyed by far the majority of the stories and series based in Marietta, Montana and published by Montana Born/Tule Publishing. It is a great read in its own right but I thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with so many of the now familiar people and places who appear in these stories, regardless of who the author is. Having said that, I don’t think you need to have read any of the earlier books to still appreciate the brilliant writing, great characters and enthralling storyline in this novel.

Sometimes you have to leave a place to appreciate how great it is and that was certainly true for Deirdre Cash (DeeDee). She left with the intention of becoming a famous model but discovered that life isn’t as glamorous or simple as she’d anticipated. She’s returned to Marietta much wiser but no longer employed. Her sister introduces her to Isaac Litton and his younger brother Mark, suggesting that DeeDee could be the person to help care for Mark, who has a learning disability associated with Down’s Syndrome, whilst Isaac is working. Reluctantly he decides to give her a chance. DeeDee finds it easy to relate to Mark and soon has him improving his diet, taking more exercise, improving his appearance and generally leading a more interesting and engaging life, getting to know others in the community, socialising and learning new skills. As the attraction between DeeDee and Isaac grows she’s given the opportunity to return to modelling. Will she return to her previous career or will she give their love – and Marietta – a chance?

This is a delightful story, filled with humour, love and turmoil as Mark inadvertently brings Isaac and DeeDee together. There’s plenty of twists and turns along the way, potholes to be avoided on life’s highway en route to their happily ever after. The Chocolate Shop and its personnel play key roles in the story and it was great to read how DeeDee’s attitude to life in Marietta has changed as she reconnects with her family and others from her past. She even puts her previous experiences to great use for a good cause!

As soon as I spotted this book was available, I requested and received a copy via NetGalley. I just couldn’t resist reading another book in this series, especially by this talented author. This is my honest review after reading it. I’ll certainly be looking out for more in this series or by this author in future!


Fame, fortune and fashion: that’s aspiring model Deirdre Cash’s ideal life. But when her splashy New York career dries up, she swallows her pride and returns to Marietta, Montana, desperate for any work she can find.

Isaac Litton doesn’t want the intrusion of a home care aide for his brother, Mark. But when the young man takes a shine to DeeDee, Isaac decides to give her a chance. He can’t help but be impressed when DeeDee changes his brother’s life around, by rewarding his healthy habits and exercising with treats from the Copper Mountain Chocolate Shop. Gorgeous and opinionated, DeeDee stirs everything up in the Litton household, including an attraction that Isaac can’t deny.

As DeeDee and Isaac start to fall for each other, an unexpected opportunity arises that could launch DeeDee back into the modeling scene. It’s her chance to achieve everything she’s ever wanted. But taking it would mean letting down her friends at the chocolate shop, her family who believes in her, a boy who adores her, and a man who thinks she’s already perfect, just the way she is.

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6 comments on “Review: The Chocolate Comeback by Roxanne Snopek

  1. Carrie
    April 7, 2017

    I don’t know about you but I’m ready for the next in the series! 🙂


    • bicted
      April 7, 2017

      I definitely am, though it looks like it will be the last in this series . . . so I’m also looking forward to the next series set in Marietta, too!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Carrie
        April 7, 2017

        There’s at least two more #8 The Chocolate Touch and #9 Sweet Home Cowboy. I keep hoping for Portia’s story to be revealed.


  2. bicted
    April 8, 2017

    Yes, I spotted that on the Tule newsletter. I agree, I want to know Portia’s story and things to work out for her, preferably before her baby is born!


  3. susandyer1962
    April 11, 2017

    Ugghhhh, I’m only on #4……..I’m so far behind!!

    Awesome review!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • bicted
      April 11, 2017

      Thank you!
      Definitely worth catching up on – there’s more to come soon, too!


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