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Writing Romance #amwriting #romance #mondayblogs

Love this post by one of my favourite authors so couldn’t resist sharing it with you all. Hope you enjoy it and go check out her fantastic stories, too!

Darcie Boleyn


I’m currently writing a story that features the good old friends to lovers trope. It’s one I’ve used before and one I’ll no doubt use again.

As I was writing this morning, I asked myself:

Why do I like this particular trope?

 Why is it a favourite amongst readers and writers of romance?

The main characters in my current story have been friends since school. They grew up together and liked and admired each other. But… they never got together. They almost did. They certainly knew that they cared about each other, but there were several reasons why it never actually happened for them. This is part of the layering of the story and I really enjoy this element of the creative process.

In the friends to lovers trope, there might always have been a spark between the characters; perhaps they even shared a kiss, but when they meet…

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One comment on “Writing Romance #amwriting #romance #mondayblogs

  1. darcieboleyn
    April 10, 2017

    Thank you! So happy you enjoyed the post! Have a fabulous Easter break! 🙂 XXX


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