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Review: Falling for the Ranger by Kaylie Newell

Series: Men of Marietta #4 

Title: Falling for the Ranger

Author: Kaylie Newell

Publisher: Montana Born, Tule Publishing

Published: April 11th, 2017

Pages: 165

Rating: 3.5/5

My Review:

This is a good addition to the enthralling romances in the ‘Men of Marietta’ series. Each story features one of the men who are to be featured on a calendar to help raise funds for Harry’s House, an after school safe haven for children being developed to commemorate a popular firefighter who was tragically killed in a hit-and-run incident whilst trying to help an elderly couple. All of the men involved are first responders and many, like Todd, aren’t that keen on being photographed!

Todd Harris moved from duty as a police officer in Chicago to Marietta, becoming a forest ranger. He’s much happier with the change of pace and lifestyle even though his wife left and divorced him. Now he’s settling in well – or he was until he discovered Molly Cordero out hiking. Molly is staying with her cousin whilst she re-thinks her life and avoids the paparazzi. She was a golden girl, a much publicised Olympic diver who has slipped from grace, taken a serious dive into the depths and isn’t sure what she’ll do when she re-surfaces. She has a lot of thinking to do and the hunky Ranger is just going to complicate things! Their attraction is mutual though both resist because of their back stories. Their journey to their HEA involves much drama, turmoil and even a life-saving dive off a cliff!

This is a good addition to the series, though there is less mention of the calendar and the other people involved in it than in any of the other stories so far. The author brings both main characters to life, warts and all! The couple seem an unlikely pairing and I really disliked the heroine at times as she seemed very self-centred, egotistical and combative for much of the story. In contrast, Todd is an endearing gentleman in the true sense of the word, one who is struggling to trust after his wife’s departure but perhaps only someone like him could help ground Molly. The setting description as superb and the town is also brought to life in the vivid writing. It is another heartwarming story in this brilliant series.

I requested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley. This is my honest opinion after reading the story.


When Todd Harris makes the move from the mean streets of Chicago to the sleepy roads of Marietta, Montana, it’s not just his career that’s changing… it’s his entire life. Going from police officer to forest ranger isn’t too much of a stretch, but getting used to how things work in a small town is. As he settles in, Todd realizes he loves the slower pace of the countryside, but then… an Olympic gold medalist comes to town and shatters his hard fought peace.

But the town’s new forest ranger doesn’t like attention and he sure as hell isn’t looking for any kind of relationship with someone who does. When Molly Cordero gets lost in the woods though and Todd is the one who saves her, the spark he’s been trying to ignore smolders and ignites. It’s then that he realizes there’s a lot more to Molly than ambition and public adulation.

When Todd signs up for the Men of Marietta calendar shoot to raise money for Harry’s House, a place for children to commemorate a fallen firefighter, Molly realizes the kind of man he is. With the shoot wrapping up, she faces a painful decision–return to her old life, or give her new life with Todd a fighting chance.

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