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Review: The Amish Widower by Virginia Smith

Series: The Men of Lancaster County #4 

Title: The Amish Widower

Author: Virginia Smith   

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Published: April 1st, 2017

Pages: 162

Rating: 5/5

My Review:

This is an emotive story, exploring grief, guilt, love, loss, the power of forgiveness and moving on through the points of view of several characters and Amish beliefs. Don’t let that put you off, though, even this is the fourth book in the series, I have to say it works brilliantly as a standalone as I thoroughly enjoyed it despite not having read any of the previous stories in the series.

The story starts as Seth Hostetler and his young wife are travelling from the Sunday service when a tragedy happens, killing both his wife and their unborn child. This is the second time Seth has become a widower and he vows not to take a third wife in case tragedy strikes again. A year later his family and the Amish community of which they are part seem determined that it is time for him to take a third wife. He’s already struggling to determine his role in life as a younger son but when he braves driving the horse and carriage again to take his Mamm and sister shopping he discovers an Amish potter who offers to teach him how to make some of his wares. Seth has found a much needed and appreciated outlook for his creative talents. He enjoys developing new skills and working with the elderly potter. The potter’s granddaughter, Leah, works in the potter’s shop, selling their wares. She was brought up to be Amish but has chosen not to follow their ways after a traumatic event, so a relationship between the two should not happen. The story follows their life journey and that of Robbie, an Englisch teen who volunteers to drive Seth and his family anywhere they need to go. As the story unfolds, the deeply held beliefs of Seth will be sorely tested and only through forgiveness will any of them come to terms and move on in their lives.

This definitely wasn’t what I’d expected in this story – it was so much more powerful. It reveals aspects of the characters as the story unfolds, bringing them to life in the reader’s imagination. One of my favourite characters has to be Seth’s grandmother, she’s definitely well worth looking out for, a loving but determined matriarchal figure in the family, a lady who will stand for no nonsense! This is a moving story of overcoming grief and guilt, helping others and being able to forgive others as well as yourself. Living in England, I’ve never had any contact with members of the Amish community and this gives an insight into their ‘Plain’ lives. I’ve found this intriguing and very interesting. I’m not sure I could do it as I’d really miss using my car, Kindle and computer, however, other aspects of their lives are very appealing and the very sense of community something that is very powerful. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will certainly be reading more by this author and other books about the Amish in future. I highly recommend this insightful, moving and heartwarming story to anyone who enjoys escaping into a emotive romance and gain an insight into the beliefs and practices of the Amish whilst you do so!

I requested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley. This is my honest opinion after reading the story.


Is It Time for This Widower to Give Love One More Chance?

After the devastating loss of his second wife, Seth Hostetler believes a lasting love is beyond all hope. A year has passed, and his mamm and sister are determined to see him happily married once again. But how can he open his heart to another woman when their relationship could end in tragedy?

On an outing with his family, Seth comes across an Amish potter hard at work and jumps at the chance to take a seat at the wheel. He takes quickly to this creative outlet, pouring his long-buried emotions into each piece he shapes. Unfortunately, the fancy nature of his art draws the disapproval of his district’s leadership.

His work puts him in the path of Leah, an Englisch woman employed by the Amish to sell their wares to tourists. Despite her aloofness, something about her speaks to Seth’s wounded soul. But what is he to do when the things he wants most threaten to pull him away from the life he’s committed to live?

A compelling novel of second chances and the power of God to redeem hearts and dreams, set in the inviting Amish community of Lancaster County.

Buy Links:    Amazon (UK)         Amazon (US)        Barnes and Noble

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