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Review: Tanner by Sarah Mayberry

Series: American Extreme Bull Riders Tour #1

Title: Tanner

Author: Sarah Mayberry

Publisher: Montana Born, Tule Publications

Published: May 9th, 2017

Rating: 5/5

My Review:

Sometimes planning to surprise someone can end up with you being the one that’s surprised. That’s certainly what happened when Evie Forrester flew from Australia to unexpectedly visit heBull riding boyfriend! After being rescued by Tanner Harding from interrupting her boyfriend with a buckle bunny, she has to ditch her original plans and accept that her teen crush is just that and their one night stand was truly a one night only. Now she has to sort out what to do till she can fly home me again…… That’s where Tanner keeps on proving to be a gentleman and a knight for her. As the two get closer, their mutual attraction builds. It is when Tanner is the one in need of help that she proves she can be just as stubborn as him!

This is a story of teen dreams crashing and burning but the Phoenix of true love rising from the ashes of disaster. It is a great start to a new series and has a range of brilliantly portrayed characters as well as an engaging plot. I enjoyed escaping into this story and will definitely look out for more in the series and more by this talented author in future.

I was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley and chose to read and review it. This is my honest opinion after reading it.


He’s used to risking it all in the ring, but nothing prepared him for love…
After flying half-way around the world to surprise her boyfriend, Evie Forrester finds herself heartbroken and stranded in a strange city. What could be a total disaster becomes something else when a tall, dark bull rider turns out to be a white knight in disguise. Evie isn’t sure she needs saving, but Tanner Harding is a difficult man to deny. He’s even harder to resist…
Tanner Harding can tame a monster bull with ease, but he never expected to be floored by someone like Evie. Sparks fly between them until injury threatens to end Tanner’s career –and suddenly he’s the one in need of a rescue.
Evie can’t turn her back on her wounded hero and, as Tanner struggles with his recovery, she’s not sure she can guard her heart against him either. Tanner knows Evie has slipped under his skin, but she lives in Australia and his future is under a cloud. Can two people with too many reasons to walk away make the bold decision to stay?
Buy Links: Amazon (UK) Amazon (US) Barnes and Noble


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