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Review: Burning With Desire by Patricia W Fischer

Series: Men of Marietta #5

Title: Burning with Desire

Author: Patricia W Fischer

Publisher: Montana Born, Tule Publishing

Published: April 18th, 2017

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

For anyone who doesn’t know the background to this series, the key characters for this new series are the hunky first responders – cowboys, firefighters, medics, lawmen, pilots, etc – who are to pose for a calendar to raise money to help fund the development of Harry’s house, a community driven project to honour Harry who was tragically killed whilst trying to help an elderly couple. The project is to develop a safe place for children to go before and after school, a place where they can have support, activities and so much more whenever they need it.

In this, the fifth story in the series, a single Mum with her teenage daughter move in to take over the Main Street Diner in Marietta. They’re wary, unsure, but ready for a fresh start. The Mum is Gabriella Marcos, a talented chef who is determined to make a success of her new business and to give her daughter, Trinity, the chance to make a fresh start away from the peers who bullied her at her previous school. They’re independent and want to prove it to the extended but close family they have left behind and Gabriella is definitely not looking for a man to save and protect her!

Kyle Cavasos moved to Marietta about a year ago and loves life in the close community. He’s a Navy vet and fireman, with no hints of his parents and past. He’s loving the chance to be just one of the first responders, no press, no cameras, no paparazzi. He’s not looking for a relationship or woman in his life. He’s posed for the calendar to raise money for Harry’s House but really hopes he’ll not be identified so he can keep his secrets . . .

Kyle and Gabriella are instantly aware of each other and their attraction grows, reluctantly but surely through the story. There are secrets that could destroy their potential relationship and plenty of angst and turmoil. Some of the connections between them which are revealed (not giving any more details, don’t want to give any spoilers) seem beyond belief or clichéd but it is fiction, after all, so just go with the flow. The importance of a supportive community, people working together, is demonstrated throughout the story, especially as Kyle uses his connections to help Trinity settle in.

I’ve enjoyed all the books in the series and highly recommend checking out the earlier novels, too. I’m impressed again by how well this publisher manages to get a group of authors to each write their own story to contribute to a series involving events, locations and people from each other’s books. I hope there will be more series in future which will let readers know how Harry’s House develops and supports young people in this community as well as updating us on what some of the characters we’ve read about are getting on! 

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion after choosing to read it.


As the new owner of the Main Street Diner, chef Gabriella Marcos has taken a huge risk. After being duped by her fiancé and her boss, she invested her entire savings into a place she’s never seen, in a town called Marietta she’s never been to and brought her reluctant teenage daughter along for the adventure. Gabriella is also determined to prove to her overprotective family that she doesn’t need a man to make her life complete. Too bad her sexy new neighbor is impossible to ignore.

Since arriving in Marietta last summer, fireman Kyle Cavasos has enjoyed the anonymity that small town life provides. It’s a far cry from the opulence of Bel Air where he grew up. Here, he can be a Navy vet and a first responder, not the love child who caused a flurry of gossip and tabloid headlines decades ago. Kyle has no intention of getting involved with anyone in Marietta until Gabriella moves in and life gets interesting. Fast.

Despite agreeing to pose for the Marietta Men For All Seasons calendar in order to raise money for Harry’s House, Kyle hopes to stay out of the social media chaos, while he gets to know the new girl in town better. But when the calendar goes viral, will it all come crashing down for the both of them?

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