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Blog Tour + Review: The Nanny Arrangement by Rachel Harris

Their story would make one heck of a country song. 
Country Blues #2
Rachel Harris
Releasing May 22, 2017
Entangled Bliss
Soft-spoken and shy Hannah Fisher is determined to make the man she’s loved her entire life finally see her as a woman. With the help of a makeover, a new mission—Operation Find My Happy—and the convenient forced proximity of a tour bus, she vows to win her best friend Deacon’s heart.
Former bad boy and current fiddle player Deacon Latrell has the world at his fingertips: a new gig with a famous band, plus his best friend on tour as his son’s nanny. Life couldn’t get much sweeter. Now if only he could stop imagining kissing the daylights out of his childhood BFF…

With one friend set on pushing the boundaries and the other afraid to rock the boat, one thing’s for
certain—their story would make one heck of a country song.

This is a delightful friends to lovers romance with great characters and a plot that keeps readers guessing to very near the end. Hannah Fisher was the victim of many bullies through her school years. As a red-haired girl wearing unfashionable clothes who had a speech impediment, she really didn’t expect anything else. However, when Deacon Latrell moved into a neighbouring property she was brave enough to introduce herself to him and that was the start of their friendship. He stuck up for her, she looked out for him, he was her Superman and they were BFF. She inspired him to try playing musical instruments and now he’s playing with a top country music group. The problem is, being friends is not enough and Hannah has returned from working in Paris to join Deacon travelling on tour with her working as his son’s nanny. Hannah has also decided that she’s going to stop just being Deacon’s best friend, she’s going to get him to see her as a woman and hopefully get him to love her like she has loved him for years. . . . .
The background of the two main characters, their interactions and shared love of Max, shine through this story. They aren’t, however, the only great characters in the story. Other members of the band and their partners all play key roles in this heartwarming romance. Insecurities, dreams, anxieties and new friendships are all going on this band tour, each contributing to the whole melodious composition that is a story of having the courage to move from ‘only’ BFF to give romance and love a chance.
I was gifted a copy of this novel via NetGalley, chose to read it and this is my honest opinion after doing so. You’re Still the One is the first book in this series – and I enjoyed that one, too!

Deacon released a heavy breath. Sometimes the right thing felt a hell of a lot like nausea. Resolved with what he had to do, he looked at the door…then slowly dropped his hand.

He’d give it another few minutes.

Calling himself ten shades of coward, he redirected his steps. A hot shower would clear his head. Maybe he’d even pull a Hannah and rehearse what he’d tell her in advance. It always worked for her, helping her control her stutter, and though Deacon didn’t have that particular problem, he was nervous as hell. If her head was even half as muddled as his was, this conversation wouldn’t be easy.

Frustrated, he shoved open the bathroom door harder than necessary. Fog and heavily scented air rushed to greet him, and it took a second for the reason to register. When it did, he came to an abrupt stop with one hand on the doorknob and one foot still in the hall.

Candy and flowers.

As the steam disappeared through the crack in the door, a vision appeared, plucked straight from his recent fantasies. Creamy skin, pink from the shower and wet with liquid drops, topped anything his imagination could’ve conjured. Damp ginger curls clung to a slender throat that was arched back, making a sexy silhouette as full lips trembled in a silent speech to the ceiling. Dark, spiky lashes lay across a flushed cheek, hiding a pair of expressive eyes he’d know anywhere.

Torture, thy name was Hannah.

Gone was the girl he’d known in high school. Erased was the rock he’d depended on in college. The goddess in the shower was a woman, a beautiful woman, with tantalizing curves, shapely legs, and the most incredible smile he’d ever seen.

The arousal flowing through his veins mocked his previous so-called resolve.


Her name came on a choked breath, but Hannah’s eyes snapped open. Smooth skin turned to stone as she stared at the ceiling, wide-eyed, before slanting those green eyes toward him in horror.

“Deacon!” Frantic, she tried to cover her body, slinging one arm over her perfect breasts while reaching for the folded towel on the counter with the other, only to quickly draw back her hand and slap it over her lower half as well.

It was the hardest thing he ever did, keeping his eyes above her waist. Taking one step forward, he grabbed the terrycloth and handed it over, not trusting himself to get any closer. When she took it from his hands, she could hardly look into his eyes. Deacon’s chest gave a hard kick.

Hannah made quick work of the towel, wrapping the terrycloth around her torso and clinging to the edges. She bit her lip and stammered, “Wh-what are y-you doing?”

It wasn’t remotely funny. The reappearance of her stutter meant she was either stressed or anxious, two things he never wanted to be the cause of. But he couldn’t help the laugh that broke free at the innocent question.

A full-bodied, unstoppable laugh that threw his head back with the force of it.

“What am I doing?” he repeated in amusement, hearing the gruffness of his own voice and dragging in a deep, floral-scented breath. “Oh, Cherry… I’m losing my ever-loving mind.”

New York Times bestselling author Rachel Harris writes humorous love stories about sassy girls-next-door and the hot guys that make them swoon. Vibrant settings, witty banter, and strong relationships are a staple in each of her books…and kissing. Lots of kissing. 

An admitted bookaholic and homeschool mom, she gets through each day by laughing at herself, hugging her kids, and watching way too much Food Network with her husband. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romances, and LOVES talking with readers!

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Many thanks to Tasty Book Tours for organising this tour and providing materials for this post. The review, however, is all my own honest opinion after reading the novel.

2 comments on “Blog Tour + Review: The Nanny Arrangement by Rachel Harris

  1. faintnot2013
    May 22, 2017

    Thank you for posting your review today!
    Tasty Book Tours


    • bicted
      May 23, 2017

      My pleasure – I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story. Thank you for organising the tour and providing the additional materials!


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