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Dark Horse by BJ Daniels #Review #Mystery #Romance

Series:  Whitehorse, Montana: The McGraw Kidnapping #1

Title: Dark Horse

Author: BJ Daniels

Publisher:  Harlequin Intrigue

Published: August 1st, 2017

Pages: 288

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

This is the intriguing first book in the trilogy which centres on what happened when twin infants were kidnapped twenty-five years ago. In this story a true-crime writer, Nikki St James, is invited into the McGraw home to investigate what happened to his children – much to the displeasure of others living there! The older siblings of the missing twins resent the annual focus on what happened and usually strive to protect their family, especially their Dad, from any media attention. Cull is the oldest of his sons and he’s particularly protective of his family, including his mother who now rocks in a chair clutching two dolls . . . . Some of the characters are particularly appealing – and others certainly aren’t! The second Mrs McGrath, Patricia, and her daughter, Kitten, are particularly obnoxious IMHO! Nikki, however, has very personal reasons for wanting to discover the truth – preferably without revealing her own family secrets relating to the disappearance.

This is an enticing start to the series that had me captivated from the very start. It is a real page turner, a well paced story with so many twists and turns you’re kept guessing and wondering what could happen next. Uncovering secrets from the past can be uncomfortable for some people – and put others in serious danger! This is no cosy investigation, expect trouble round every corner! I have no hesitation in highly recommending this well crafted romantic suspense which has great characters, and an intriguing plot. There are motivations and discoveries galore to be made but don’t anticipate a big reveal with everything resolved in this story. Whilst it does conclude some aspects of the story, it opens up others, making me eager to read the other two books in this enthralling trilogy!

I requested and was given a copy of this book and this is my honest opinion after choosing to read it.


For twenty-five years, the case of the McGraw twins kidnapping has remained unsolved. As the eldest son, Cull oversees the McGraw horse ranch, wary of prying eyes. So when true-crime writer Nikki St. James comes forward with new information, Cull can’t believe his father invites her onto the compound. His family has suffered enough—he’s not about to let St. James snoop and ruin them completely. But Nikki finds the eldest McGraw’s protectiveness as endearing as it is aggravating. After all, this case is personal to her, too… And her secrets can set the truth free—if they don’t destroy the McGraws first. 

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