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Austin by Jeannie Watt #Review #Romance #Series

Series:  American Extreme Bull Riders Tour  #7

Title: Austin by Jeannie Watt

Author: Jeannie Watt

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: August 22nd, 2017

Pages: 177

Rating: 4/5

This is a delightful second chance contemporary romance where high school crushes and humiliation get the opportunity to become a HEA, but only after plenty of angst and turmoil! Austin Harding recognised Kirsten Alexander when she was working as a waitress in the bar he’s visiting with other AEBR friends. She initially denies knowing him but later has to confess why. She was a high achieving, goal focussed person from quite a young age and made derogative remarks regarding him in front of his friends in school, shaming him. Now all her plans have crashed and she hasn’t told her family. Her ignoring Austin and his friends results in her being sacked from the job so she’s going home to confess all. She expects Austin to want revenge for how rude she was to him, and to some extent he certainly does . . . but he agrees to take her home to Marietta – though she’ll need to stay on a ranch with him en route. As the two get to know each other again, the reasons behind their teenage actions are revealed and maybe their love will stand a chance?

This is a heartwarming romance with a very shy leading lady, who hides her shyness behind an icy facade. Once that facade starts melting her true personality starts to shine through. He’s actually been driven to succeed by some of Kirsten’s comments though he’s always resented her superficial assessment of him. As he helps thaw the icy veneer she protects herself with, the two reevaluate their opinions of themselves and each other. There are dangers along the way, however, as bull riding isn’t for the fainthearted!  Accidents are always happening and these can also impact on relationships. Will theirs survive? You’ll just have to read this great addition to this series to discover for yourself!

I requested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion after choosing to read it.


Business whiz Kristen Alexander achieves—that’s what she does. She’s set goals, made the right moves, enjoyed the rewards of hard work and careful planning… That is, until she’s abruptly fired from her banking job in Reno, Nevada. Now she’s scrambling to make ends meet, job-hunting by day and waitressing in the casino by night. The last thing she expects is to run into a hometown guy—one who could easily blow the lies she’s been telling her friends and family about how well she’s doing.

Bull rider Austin Harding is having an amazing season touring with the American Extreme Bull Riders Tour, and he’s enjoying every second of his success—working hard and playing hard as he fights to win the money at the end of the tour. But his focus on the big prize wavers when he runs into hometown girl Kristen Alexander during a Reno tour party. Why is the woman who once told him that he would never amount to anything slinging drinks in a casino? After the way she judged him years ago, he feels entitled to some answers… But the answer he gets is not the answer he expects. 

Will Austin be able to set aside his resentment over their shared history to give their attraction a chance to ignite?

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