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Sweet Dreams, Baby by CJ Carmichael #Review #Romance #Series

Series:  Love at the Chocolate Shop #12

Title: Sweet Dreams, Baby by CJ Carmichael

Author: CJ Carmichael

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: September 7th, 2017

Pages: 206

Rating: 5/5

Writing the finale for a fantastic series must be a daunting task for any author but I have to say CJ Carmichael has done it brilliantly! Throughout the earlier eleven novels there has been the thread of wonder concerning Portia, the niece of the Chocolate Shop owner, Sage. Portia left college unexpectedly, moving to stay in Marietta and work in her aunt’s shop. Not long after that she discovered she was pregnant, but she refused to say who the father was or to contact him. This story is where she contacts him but doesn’t say why. When he arrives he discovers he’s a father and the baby is three months old . . . . Austin can’t believe Portia didn’t contact him earlier to let him be part of his son’s life.

This is a story of young love, misunderstandings, how the past affects reactions and anxieties and so much more for this young couple. Their story and eventual reconciliation after lots of drama, is the main focus for this story but there are plenty of secondary stories, too. The Chocolate Shop is in danger as the lease is nearing its expiry date and the landlord is holding a grudge against Sage’s family and being recalcitrant. There’s a mystery regarding family jewellery to be solved and all those earlier relationships to be brought up to date on, too – and, to top it all, the town needs to raise money for a new rodeo ground -wow!

This is a packed story with plenty of angst, turmoil, mystery, community and so much more, ensuring it is a real page turner. There’s also an ‘extra’ in the form of a “Series Epilogue” which tidies up any lose ends and brings the series to a superb finale. I have enjoyed all the books in this series, including this one, and have no hesitation in highly recommending them all to anyone who enjoys escaping into cleverly interwoven into a delightful series. Each book may be read as a standalone but I think they work brilliantly as a series and are so enjoyable it would be a shame to miss any of them!

I requested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion after choosing to read it.


Three weeks ago, Portia Bishop mailed a letter to the father of her baby, Saddle Bronc rider Austin Bradshaw. It’s a letter she should have written a long time ago—like when she first found out she was pregnant, shortly after she ended things with Austin, dropped out of college, and went running to her family in Marietta, Montana.

Austin has loved Portia since he first laid his eyes on her in college. A year ago, he convinced her to do something impulsive and very romantic. Now, as he opens her letter, Austin has two reasons to return to Marietta–win back the heart of the woman he still loves and convince her he’s a good bet for a forever man and father.

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2 comments on “Sweet Dreams, Baby by CJ Carmichael #Review #Romance #Series

  1. carhicks
    September 9, 2017

    I have only read a couple from this series but am looking forward to the rest. Nice review.


  2. bicted
    September 13, 2017

    Thank you, Carla. I’ve read and enjoyed all of the series plus others set in Marietta which also involve many of the same characters. I’m always impressed how the publishers manage to organise so many different authors getting them to work together to produce a series where each author writes one or two of the books. Getting he world creating, characters and time sequencing consistent for so many different contributors must be so complicated, yet they regularly do so very successfully. Helps to have great authors, too!


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