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Contracted Defense by Piper J Drake #Review #Suspense #Romance #Series

Series: Safeguard #3

Title: Contracted Defense by Piper J Drake

Author: Piper J Drake

Publisher: Carina Press

Published: September  2017

Pages: 184

Rating: 4/5

This is the third novel in the Safeguard series and, having thoroughly enjoyed reading them, I had no hesitation in escaping into it as soon as I obtained it! Having read other reviews of this novel, I have to say that I think having read the earlier books in the series definitely meant I enjoyed this one more than people who have only read this one.

In this story, what was meant to be a hot, one night fling with a hot stranger comes back to both participants when they discover they are going to be working together! Adam is the newcomer, hoping to have the opportunity to utilise his skills whilst Victoria is something of a control freak who resents having to work with the new recruit, especially as she’s so attracted to him but resents his laid back attitude. When the ‘simple’ assignment devising security for a private home turns out to be anything but simple, the two will have to work together to defend their client and get him to safety – but the client has a secret. Not only that but his in house security team has a traitor or two amongst it. Can they work together to protect the client? Will they survive – and what will happen to their relationship if they do?

This is a hot and steamy romance that takes the reader into the situation from the very start. The story has mystery, suspense and plenty of action as the threat situations escalate. There are secrets to be revealed, dilemmas to sort, a double crosser to be identified and a delightful dog called Tegan, who is definitely a star of the story, to be petted! I enjoyed the author’s writing style and escaping into the Safeguard series again. It is a good, quick and fast paced read that I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who enjoys their romance with a helping of suspense and intrigue!

I requested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion after choosing to read it.


Time is running out and the enemy is at the gate. 

Adam Hicks may be the rookie at Safeguard, but he’s no novice in the field. Retired from active duty after multiple tours and back fresh from a brief rest in New Zealand, he’s itching to return to action. But the challenge he hoped for arrives in an unexpected form: his sexy yet stern new partner. 

The last thing Victoria Ash wants is to work with the new guy—especially one as gorgeous as Adam. His relaxed attitude about their first “easy” assignment together—setting up a private home defense network for a reclusive client—doesn’t impress her. Easy usually means trouble. She’s proved right when Adam discovers that the multiple incursions on the physical and cyber security systems aren’t just glitches. They’re under attack…and there’s a traitor in their midst. 

As tension mounts, so does the attraction between Victoria and Adam. They must protect their client and the research he’s desperately trying to keep secret. Working together, they have to find the mole before their defense measures, in the fortress and online, are compromised and the deadly secrets they’ve sworn to protect are revealed. 

Book three of the Safeguard series 

This book is approximately 70,000 words  

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