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Not Through Loving You by Patricia Preston #Review #Romance #Series

Series: Love Heals All #3 

Title: Not Through Loving You 

Author: Patricia Preston

Publisher: Lyrical Shine, Kensington Books

Published: June 20th, 2017

Pages: 212

Rating: 4/5

This is an enthralling enemies to romance emotive story with great characters and a very moving story. Dr. Aaron Kendall works as a paediatrician at the Lafayette Falls Medical Center which is where a very sick infant is brought in for treatment. Not long after that the child is orphaned and Aaron starts making the arrangements to adopt him. Things were going well till the child’s aunt, country singer and songwriter Lia Montgomery, arrives on the scene. The two clash as she is determined that her half-sister’s son will be well cared for and isn’t convince that living with Aaron, together with Aaron’s Dad and brother, is the best for him. However, as she gets to know Aaron, she discovers just why he would be a great Dad . . . in fact he’d be great for Lia, too, he’s everything she’s ever dreamed of. After their rocky start, will love find a way to guide them to their own HEA together? You’ll just have to read it yourself to see!

This is a brilliant feel good read with great characters, especially the two main ones who have so much from their past to get over to enable them to move on to a possible loving future. It is a contemporary romance with an emotional plot but is also well paced and packed with love and humour. I have no hesitation in recommending this great story to anyone who is looking for a well crafted romance to pull at the heartstrings and leave you smiling.

I requested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion after choosing to read it.


In the Southern town of Lafayette Falls, a new life brings together a woman with everything to lose and a doctor with everything to prove.

When a sickly infant is surrendered at the Lafayette Falls Medical Center, and orphaned soon after, pediatrician Aaron Kendall arranges to adopt him. After a painful divorce, the busy baby doc is about to realize his own dream of becoming a father when the baby’s beautiful estranged aunt turns up. She doesn’t exactly approve of the Kendall bachelor pad, complete with Aaron’s cranky dad and wacky brother, forcing Aaron to form a risky alliance with her.

Country singer-songwriter Lia Montgomery barely knew her half-sister, but she’s determined her tiny nephew goes to a good home. If only she fit the bill herself, but her stressful life on the road is no place for a baby. Yet despite her misgivings, as she gets to know Aaron, she realizes the smart and sexy doctor is everything a child could want in a dad—and more unsettling, everything she’s ever hoped for in a man. After all she’s put him through, is it too late to form a family—and maybe put a song in the good doctor’s heart?

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