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Border Town by Louisa Bacio #Review #Suspense #Romance #Series #Paranormal

Series: SLICE Agency #1

Title: Border Town 

Author: Louisa Bacio

Publisher: After Glows Publishing

Published: September 26th, 2017

Pages: 104

Rating: 4/5

This is a paranormal suspense with a side serving of romance involving the Supernatural Legion Interspecies & Customs Enforcement – better known as S.L.I.C.E – that Shaw McDiamond works for. When Lucia is struggling to cope with the unexplained deaths of goats on her family ranch near the Texas/Mexico border, she phones for help. After being passed on from one person to another, she eventually ends up speaking to Shaw. His disbelieving reaction to her call ends up with her hanging up on him. However, he takes a team to investigate . . . .

This is a paranormal mystery, with family and local legends, plenty of action and even romance. It has great characters and the plot is well developed. The ending adds another mystery that I presume will be the main focus for the next book in the series! I have only read one novella from this author in the past as part of the anthology Romance Stories Inspired by Duran Duran, I’ll definitely look out for more of her books in future. The characters and scenarios are brought to life, taking the reader into the dramatic story. I particularly enjoyed how she built up the tension and eeriness through both her descriptions and the dialogue. I’ve found myself another author to look out for! If you enjoy reading paranormal mysteries packed with suspense and romance, I highly recommend you look out for this one!

I requested and was given a copy of this book via the publishers and this is my honest opinion after choosing to read it.


A thin line exists between reality and the paranormal, between one country and the next. Lucia grew up stuck between cultures on the border of Texas and Mexico and the wavy lines of reality. With the help of her two sisters, she runs the family ranch, or what’s left of it. A hurricane shifted the river, with land ending up on the other side of the Rio Grande. Mother Nature unleashed more than land wars. A prophecy foretells a supernatural beast slaughtering the livestock every seven years. When the carcasses of goats show up drained of blood, she reaches out for help.

Shaw McDiamond doesn’t want to be stuck in a hick town that’s dry and humid, chasing after the legend of the chupacabra. As part of an elite force of paranormal agents that work the border, Shaw’s group, S.L.I.C.E., exposes aliens of another kind. This vampiric creature is like nothing he’s encountered before, and the woman he’s working with unnerves him even more. 

Lucia and Shaw clash over legend and reality, prophecy and free will. As the killings escalate with the attack of a ranch hand, the storm returns, and the two become trapped in an ever-shifting world they can’t control. But to survive, they’ll have to do it together.

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2 comments on “Border Town by Louisa Bacio #Review #Suspense #Romance #Series #Paranormal

  1. Louisa Bacio
    September 27, 2017

    So very glad to hear you enjoyed the read! And yes, the ending hints at the next book — already writing!


    • bicted
      September 27, 2017

      I loved escaping into it – a real page turner and enthralling read. Very glad there’s to be a sequel – can’t wait to read it!


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