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The Christmas Cowboy Hero by Donna Grant

Title: The Christmas Cowboy Hero by Donna Grant

Author: Donna Grant

Publisher: St Martin’s Press

Published: October 31st, 2017

Rating: 5/5

This is a heartwarming story of love overcoming tragedy, emotional healing and true family values, together with a suspense filled mystery with danger and drama – a great read!

Ex-Navy SEAL, Clayton East has recently returned home after receiving a call for help from his Mum. The ranch is in financial difficulties because someone they trusted has stolen from all their investments and accounts. Now he’s endeavouring to ensure his family doesn’t lose everything. Cattle rustlers stealing his prize bull and hundreds of pregnant heifers is definitely not what he was expecting but nor was being so attracted to the guardian of the only rustler caught!

When she was eighteen years old, Abby Harper took responsibility for raising her two younger brothers after their mother abandoned them. She’s done her best to raise them well and is devastated when one is caught stealing cattle. She’s a feisty, self reliant and headstrong young lady but this is just too much. She’s so relieved when her brother is given the chance to work off his crime on East ranch, the one he was stealing from, by Clayton. However she didn’t expect to be so attracted to the wealthy, hard-working hero and his family – maybe life will take a turn for the better, if only they can abandon their abandonment issues and trust love to find a way!

What a lovely festive romance this proved to be! The main characters all face their own turmoil and dilemmas which influence their interactions. It is great to see how the ranch and working their has such a positive impact on the attitudes and behaviour of the two brothers and that Abby is also key in solving who is behind the rustling and in recovering the stolen fortune. This is an action packed festive romance with strong families coming together to become an even stronger unit. Love will find a way whatever the season!

I requested and received a copy of this novel, via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.


New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant returns to Texas, where a small-town legend just might find the greatest gift of all. . .

’Tis the season for ex-Navy SEAL Clayton East to come home for the holidays—even if the mood at home is anything but festive. His father is ill. The East Ranch is in financial trouble. And now it’s on Clayton, the prodigal son, to make sure his family doesn’t lose everything.

Headstrong Abby Harper is like a mother to her younger brothers, who she’s helped raise since she was a teenager. Keeping them in line is no small task while she’s also working toward her college degree. And now that one of her brothers has been arrested for stealing cattle at the East Ranch, Abby is at her wits’ end. But there is a silver lining: Clayton East. He believes in second chances, and is willing to give one to her brother this Christmas. Letting beautiful Abby—and the inescapable longing in his heart—off the hook, however, is a whole ’nother story. Could it be that the woman of this local hero’s dreams has been back at home all along?

“Off-the-charts chemistry and a breath-stealing plot.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on The Protector

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