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Thunder Moon by Joanne Mallory #Review #Romance #Series #Suspense #Magic

Series: Langston Bay Trilogy #1

Title: Thunder Moon

Authors: Joanne Mallory

Publisher: Crooked Cat

Published: January 17th, 2017

Pages: 155

Rating: 4/5

This is an intriguing start to a new paranormal series set in a small community on the British coast. Thea Lavelle discovered she is a witch whilst away at University in London. Her best friend, Ellie, helped her learn to cope and control her powers and both returned to the comparatively tranquil homes. Now Ellie’s brother is also returning home. He’s a healer and a military man who had planned to be a lifer, but is reevaluating his choices after a patient of his unexpectedly commits suicide. He’s returned to his childhood home and when he meets Thea the attraction is instant and mutual. Thea, however, realises their souls have crossed paths before and she’s anxious to discover how and when. Fate is definitely at work but will their past interact with their present to enable them to have a future together or to tear them apart?

The story is set in contemporary times, with characters who are part of the community but have secret abilities. The magic is a relatively minor part of this story, though the spirits and ghosts have a more significant role. It is a novella, a quick but entertaining read. I look forward to reading future books in this series to learn more about the characters and discover just what has happened between some of them to make them so wary of each other. The author’s descriptions of the setting really bring it to life in the imagination of the reader and were a key strength in the story. I’ll definitely look out for future stories in the series as I want to get to know the characters better and discover what happens to them all!

I requested and received a copy of this novel, via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.


With a hint of Practical Magic and woven around the British cost, Joanne Mallory’s debut novel, Thunder Moon, paints a beguiling love story, where witchery and magic are real, and love is the ultimate prize.

Meet the witches of Langston Bay in this new, spellbinding romance series!

Thea Lavelle is a hereditary witch whose gift came late. But when she meets Marc, her best friend’s brother, she realizes their souls have crossed paths before. 

Devastated by the loss of a patient, grief and guilt have left Marc burnt out, and he knows the best thing for him is to head home and recover. 

But as they are inexplicably drawn together, it soon becomes clear that fate is at work.

Are they strong enough to confront their unknown past, and still build a future together?

Buy Links:    Amazon (UK)         Amazon (US)        Barnes and Noble

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