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New Year’s at the Graff by Marin Thomas #Review #Romance #Series #Marietta

Series: Holiday at the Graff #3

Title: New Year’s at the Graff by Marin Thomas

Author: Marin Thomas

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: December 12th, 2017

Pages: 156

Rating: 4.5/5

This is another lovely Marietta based festive read, the third in the series. Each book is set in Marietta, Montana with the recently refurbished Graff Hotel having a significant location role in the story. Some of the characters, events and places appear in the stories but each can be read as a standalone – you don’t have to read any of the others to appreciate this one.

Following the death of his mother and at her request, San Diego business man Lucas Kendrick met his father and his father’s family – including his two half brothers. He now works for his father’s company, much to the chagrin of his step brothers! His stepmother, however, has banned him from their family home for the holiday season so he’s travelled to Marietta to pass on his mother’s thanks to some of the people who helped her when she was a teen, without family support, having him. It is so moving, reading how the community tried to help her!

Whilst there he spots a building which he believes would be of interest to a developer he’d like to get to work with his father’s firm for the kudos it would bring. However, the same building contains the flat where Ava Moore lives with her delightful daughter. When Lucas first spots Ava leaving the hotel, he’s drawn to her. When they exchange a magical kiss as the New Year rings in, their attraction is mutual. However, she has her daughter to consider and her plans to open a co-op to benefit single mothers . . . . in the building Lucas had told the developer about. Both can’t have the building! Will it bring business only or pleasure for this couple? Can love find a way to bring them together?

This is my favourite story in this series so far. The adorable daughter plays a significant role in helping these two come together, as does Lucas’ father! It is a heartwarming story, a lovely festive read and I can’t wait to read more stories in this series!

I requested and received a copy of this novel, via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.


After being banned from celebrating the holidays with his stepfamily, San Diego businessman Lucas Kendrick arrives in Marietta, Montana, in time to attend the New Year’s Eve celebration at the Graff Hotel. The rodeo-theme party isn’t his style but he’s drawn to the pretty cowgirl running the dice table. When the clock strikes midnight and they ring in the New Year with a kiss, Lucas almost forgets he’s in Marietta on business and not pleasure. He believes he’s found the perfect property for his prized client. There’s just one problem—the pretty cowgirl has her sights set on the same piece of real estate.

Now that single mom Ava Moore has earned a business degree, she wants to help other struggling women get back on their feet by opening a co-op on Main Street. The last thing she expects is competition from the handsome city slicker whose New Year’s kiss she hasn’t been able to forget. Lucas isn’t only stealing Ava’s heart he’s bonding with her daughter. Can Ava convince Lucas that the best business deals are made with the heart and not money?

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One comment on “New Year’s at the Graff by Marin Thomas #Review #Romance #Series #Marietta

  1. Carrie
    December 24, 2017

    This was my favorite so far in the series too. 🙂 I”m just a sucker for cute kids or animals I guess. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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