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Player’s Game by Desirae Clark #Review #YA #Series

Series: Valentine Sisters #1

Title: Player’s Game

Author: Desirae Clark

Publisher: BLVNP Inc

Published: January 31st, 2018

Pages: 186

Rating: 3/5

Teenager Samantha Valentine lives with her Mum and twin half-sisters, Dana and Alyssa. The family originally lived in Scottsdale but moved to Manhattan where Sam attended a private school. Now they’re moving back to their old home, which had be rented out during their absence. It had taken a lot of time for Sam to settle in their new home, particularly because her previous best friend, Parker, never responded to her messages or did anything to keep in touch. Now they’re going home again and one of the first people she meets again is Parker Brady! Both have changed significantly during their separation. Will their friendship resume or has the trauma of parting broken their relationship for ever?

This is written for a teen/ya audience which could explain why I kept questioning things and being somewhat disconcerted through a lot of it. Sam’s Mum works and leaves caring for the twins to Sam. Sam’s the one who makes the meals, helps them with their homework and all the daily life tasks, including grocery shopping. When Mum has to travel as part of her job she arranges for the twins to stay with other parents but leaves Sam home alone, not just for a few days but possibly for three months!

At home Sam is obviously a caring and trusted big sister but at school she seems to suffer a severe personality change, being somewhat aggressive, strident and often angry. Her relationship with many of her peers leaves much to be desired! I did like how her relationship with Parker developed and the explanations they shared. I was disappointed in Sam not keeping in better touch with her friends from her previous school, especially as she’d been so hurt by Parker not keeping in touch with her.

This story has great potential and is the start of a new series. I hope there will be more character and plot development in future stories but it is still an enjoyable light, easy read and at no stage did I consider not finishing it so I suggest giving it a go and see what you think, especially if you are a teen or young adult! I’d certainly be interested in future stories in the series to see how the author and story develops.

I requested and received a copy of this novel. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.


And when I turned around, I expected to see my annoying little sisters but was instead greeted by a familiar face. In the threshold stood Parker Brady with a devious smirk on his face and the looks of a god. 

Samantha Valentine’s life turns upside down when she finds out her family is returning to her old town, Scottsdale. It took her a while to make the city her home, and now all of that is for naught, as she has to learn to settle in a quiet town again.

Parker Brady is perfectly happy to make a mess of his life after his best friend, Samantha, left him. He felt betrayed by his most trusted friend, and now he doesn’t care about anyone anymore. The only thing that matters to him is getting girls.

The two are not so thrilled when they meet after years of being away. Old grudges resurface from the past.

Will Samantha and Parker restore their broken friendship? Or will something else rise from its ruins?

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