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Valentine’s at the Graff by Sinclair Jayne #Review #Romance #Series #Marietta

Series: Holiday at the Graff #4

Title: Valentine’s at the Graff by Sinclair Jayne

Author: Sinclair Jayne

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: February 1st, 2018

Pages: 201

Rating: 4/5

Looking for a heartwarming romance? Look no further – this is a delightful, contemporary one set in Marietta, Montana. After the untimely death of his mother, Whitman Telford went to live with his biological father, his stepmother and their children. He resented everything about the people and place so he couldn’t wait to get away from the town when he was eighteen and has never looked back. Now he’s an orthopaedic surgeon and has been made to work at the Marietta hospital for a month before starting his dream job in LA. He hasn’t contacted any of his family, arranging to stay at the Graff for the duration of his tenure.

Whilst there he meets Miranda Evans. He can’t remember her but she sure remembers him! They were at High School together and she had a crush on him that she’s never forgotten. Now she’s opening up a gift boutique shop in the Graff, where she plans to feature products of local craftspeople. She has a heart of gold, always striving to help others rather than putting herself first. When she hears people complaining about the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, she decides to run a promotional event to reward random acts of kindness and giving. Whitman inadvertently ends up rescuing Miranda and the attraction between them begins slowly but surely but with plenty of angst and turmoil along the way!

Get ready for an endearing page turner with great characters and, if you’re a fan of Marietta based stories, lots of familiar places and events. I loved escaping into this community again and into this story. It will work as a standalone, but I hope it tempts you to read other Marietta romances in future! I have to admit that I tend to grab them whenever they become available. Although they are written by a variety of authors, they’re all talented individuals who work well to create this great community, the people and places therein and fantastic romances to escape into.

I requested and received a copy of this novel. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.


Marietta native Miranda Evans has yet to find her niche…until a small legacy allows her to open a gift boutique featuring local artists in the historic Graff hotel. As Valentine’s approaches, Miranda, who’s always left romance to the pages of a book, reaches out to involve the community in random acts of kindness to celebrate the month of love. Miranda has no need for hearts and flowers until the boy next door she dreamed about in high school arrives back in town more handsome, brooding, and out of reach than ever.

Orthopedic surgeon Whitman Telford blew out of his small, Montana hometown at eighteen without looking back. When he’s told to fill in for a month at Marietta’s hospital before obtaining his dream job in LA, no is not an option. After getting sucked into the Valentine project along with half the town, Witt starts to wonder if he’ll still be eager to see Marietta in his rearview mirror.

Opposites attract or so Miranda’s heard, but will she have the courage to test this theory and take a chance on romance when so much more than her heart is at stake?

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One comment on “Valentine’s at the Graff by Sinclair Jayne #Review #Romance #Series #Marietta

  1. carhicks
    February 9, 2018

    Great review. Glad to see you plug the Marietta books. They are great.


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