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Girl in the Mist by S T Young #Review #Suspense #Romance #Thriller

Title: Girl in the Mist

Author: S T Young

Publisher: Entangled Amara, Entangled Publishing

Published: February 26th, 2018

Rating: 5/5

This is a unique, very different and, for me, totally enthralling psychological thriller which had me engrossed from start to finish – I really didn’t want to put it down and think it is one of those rare stories that will stay in my memory for years to come.

Three years ago Nina Hernandez disappeared without a trace. Now Naval Intelligence Agent, Rory O’Donnell, believes he may have found her – locked up in a private mental hospital where it seems she’s being tortured rather than treated. However, Nina was a secret agent, assuming different identities whilst working undercover and now he’s unsure if she’s still undercover and faking the illness – or has the treatment caused her to have multiple personalities? As he endeavours to rescue Nina, he needs to convince her to trust him and to resist the rampant attraction which he feels towards her . . . . Can he get her to safety and avoid those seeking to recapture her? Can she learn to trust him?

This is a suspenseful thriller, packed with intrigue, mystery and mayhem! There are so many twists and turns in this captivating story including aspects of clandestine military operations, evil sects and manipulative mind control scenarios that keep the reader on the edge of their seat throughout the story. Rory is the hero and Nina the broken heroine but the experience of escaping, evading capture and exploring hidden secrets will either drive them apart or make them both whole again. I really hope this is the start of a new series as I’d love to read more about this couple and the continuing search for others who grew up like Nina in the future.

I requested and received a copy of this novel. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.


A taut psychological thriller from S.T. Young…

Infamous for infiltration and becoming her undercover identities, Nina Hernandez disappeared without a trace. Three years later, Naval Intelligence agent Rory O’Donnell finds her in a tortuous mental hospital. He’s unsure if it’s really Nina, or if she’s undercover and faking it. Either way, he’s pretty sure something sinister is going on…

Rory springs Nina, and together they elude their determined pursuers. He needs to get her to safety…all while keeping his hands off the beautiful, mysterious young woman. As he works to convince her to trust him and share her darkest secrets, he wonders if he can trust her not to betray his…

Between her mercurial changes, sexy come-ons, and her exasperating independence, a protection assignment has never been so hard. On a dangerous trek across the country as they tumble from one danger into the next, Rory finds that resisting Nina might just be his toughest task yet.

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