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Believe in Me by Susan Lewis #Review #Family #Contemporary #Community

Title: Believe in Me

Author: Susan Lewis

Publisher: Century, Random House UK, Cornerstone

Pages: 394

Published: January 25th, 2018

Rating: 4/5

This is a story of love, community, grief, worries and the impact of racial hatred and Brexit! Following the suicide of her husband, Leanne has had to move from London with her daughter back to her childhood home, Ash Morley Farm at Kesterley on Sea. The farm buildings now also house a Polish family Klaudia and her two children as well as Leanne’s mother, Wilkie. This mini-community of friends are helping protect and nurture each other. When Leanne decides to foster a young boy, Daniel, little did they realise that this would impact so dramatically on their group. Daniel’s father, Patrick, is in prison, accused of an infamous murder that Daniel is convinced he didn’t do. As Leanne learns more about events, she also starts to doubt the conviction and sets out to investigate it with the help of a friend who used to be a detective. Will they help each other heal? What will they discover about the murder – will they free Patrick?

This is a family fighting for their own futures after traumatic grief and doing so whilst still endeavouring to help others. It is an easy, delightful read, packed with family drama and held together by the glue that is family love. There are several different threads running through the story and these are interwoven and join together in the end to create the final picture. It is an enjoyable and memorable read.

I requested and received a copy of this novel via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.

Synopsis :

Leanne and her teenage daughter Abby have recently been forced to move from London back to Kesterley-on-Sea, to Ash Morley Farm where Leanne grew up. Leanne’s husband Jack, Abby’s father, killed himself over a year ago, and the pair are still reeling from the shock waves caused by the tragedy.

Also living at Ash Morley farm is Leanne’s mother Wilkie, who is a rock for everyone, and family friend Klaudia and her two children. Klaudia has to face the backlash of xenophobic feeling post the Brexit vote, and is on tenterhooks to hear whether she and her children will be sent home to Poland.

Hoping to move forward and mend the wounds her family has suffered, Leanne decides to foster a child. And when she’s told that Daniel’s father is in prison for murder, she hardly bats an eyelid. But as Daniel becomes integrated into the family, Leanne starts asking herself questions about his father’s conviction. Is he really guilty? With the help of friend and ex detective Andee Lawrence, Leanne sets out to right the wrongs of the past.

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