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Plain Confession by Emma Miller #Review #Romance #Contemporary #Amish #Series

Series: An Amish Mystery #5 

Title: Plain Confession by Emma Miller

Author: Emma Miller

Publisher: Kensington Books

Pages: 288

Published: March 27th, 2018

Rating: 4.5/5

I have to admit that whenever I spot another book in this series I endeavour to read it! However, don’t let that make you think you need to have read any other books from the series to enjoy this one – you don’t, I believe it works well as a standalone although to setting and some of the characters are common throughout the series.

Rachel Mast had grown up in the local Amish community but chosen not to be baptised into that faith after falling in love with her fiancé, Evan Parks, an Englisher state trooper. When Evan is at the home of an Amish family where someone has been shot, he asks Rachel to help liaise with the Amish community who are reticent to work with the Englishers. When she gets there, a young man confesses to murdering his brother-in-law but Rachel doesn’t believe him to be guilty. When his mother asks Rachel to help prove he is innocent she can’t help getting involved – despite already being busy trying to sort out her own wedding! As she struggles to reveal the truth, she’ll put herself into danger of being the murderer’s next victim and keep missing key appointments for her wedding preparations! Can she survive to marry Evan or will she be the next to die?

I really enjoyed this Amish murder mystery and found it an enthralling read. It is so full of twists and turns to keep you guessing and you’re never certain what will happen next – or if Rachel will actually make it to the church on time for her own wedding! I love the excellent character development, the insight into an Amish community and the intrigue concerning the local recluse and the murder. I’ll definitely continue to look out for more in this series in future and have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense.

I requested and received a copy of this novel via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.

Synopsis :

When Rachel Mast returned to Stone Mill, Pennsylvania, she unwittingly became a bridge between the closed Amish community and the Englisher police. Now, as she prepares for her wedding, she’s drawn into an investigation that could end in a different ceremony—her funeral . . .

Rachel didn’t know Daniel Fisher well, but it still comes as a shock when her fiancé, a state trooper, tells her that the young Amish man’s death may not have been a hunting accident. The police believe he was murdered and they need Rachel’s help telling the family. But when she does, they don’t seem upset or even surprised. Even more unsettling, Daniel’s brother-in-law confesses—while his mother begs Rachel to prove his innocence. But why would he give a false confession? Who is he trying to protect? 

As Rachel’s search for answers overshadows her wedding plans, rumors swirl that she might not show up at the altar—and that Daniel wasn’t as upstanding as he seemed. While the list of people who wanted him dead grows, Rachel is caught in the killer’s crosshairs, and if she’s not careful, it may be more than her feet that turn cold . . . 

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2 comments on “Plain Confession by Emma Miller #Review #Romance #Contemporary #Amish #Series

  1. carhicks
    March 30, 2018

    I like this series a lot. This one is coming up soon for me. Great review Elaine.


    • bicted
      March 30, 2018

      Thanks, Carla, as you’ll have noticed, I’m enjoying the series, too. Hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

      Liked by 1 person

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