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A Paranormal Easter – 14 Paranormal and Fantasy Romance Novellas

Check out this  brilliant collection of eggstra-ordinary stories – a real Easter treat!

From Bestselling and Debut Authors:
Tiffany Carby • Kathia Iblis • Lorah Jaiyn • Brandy McIntosh • T. Elizabeth Guthrie • J.C. Madison • Alison M. Diem • Natalie-Nicole Bates • Skylar McKinzie • Amanda Ruehle • Rena Marin • C. Brady • Judy Swinson • T.A. Moorman
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Eggs aren’t the only things being hunted…
FOURTEEN stand-alone paranormal and fantasy romances set around Easter from 14 bestselling and debut authors. This action-packed, steamy collection is filled with vampires, fae, fairies, rabbit shifters (hey, it’s Easter, right?), gargoyles, witches, dragons, and so much more.
It’s a must have for all paranormal readers.

His Bunny and His Flower by C. Brady 

Can brute force win a heart? Peregrine seems to think so. Adelaide is the woman of his dreams and her childhood friend Dylan stands in his way. Will Peregrine take things too far and separate them forever? Or will he wind up granting Dylan’s dearest wish?

Now at least one story of paranormal Easter novellas has to include an bunny shifter in it, doesn’t it? Well this one does and is a delightful story of two friends who have grown up together, both having more than friend feelings for the other but neither willing to jeopardise their friendship by acknowledging their love. However, will a bully threatening her, will they manage to thwart him and find their own HEA together?

Allergic Reaction by T.A. Moorman

Easter dinner may end up being a complete disaster if Miranda realizes there’s only one human at the table.
Miranda takes her boyfriend home to meet her family – and her Dad is allergic to him and can’t stop sneezing! What a funny and heart-warming novella this one proved to be – loved it!

Nature of Magic by J. C. Madison

Kyler knew he’d have to return to Red River one day, but that doesn’t mean he has to be happy about it. He loves his brothers, will tolerate others of his kind, but humans… forget it.

Selene lost more than just her parents the day they died, so now she keeps everyone at arm’s lengths because you can’t lose what you don’t have.

Can a reclusive artist and a stubborn witch overcome their fears and differences to find a HEA? Or is it destined to be over before it’s even begun?

This is a story of overcoming events of the past to move on to make the most of opportunities the future offers. It is also about not blaming yourself for what happened – or the descendants of the perpetrators! It is a heartwarming romance with plenty of Magick, lots of love, three life-saving rescues and reconnecting with others. It also includes triplets, mystery and magick in a fast paced, action packed adventure – a great read!

Stained Glass Heart by Brandy McIntosh

Vichter is desperate to get his egg back home, safe and sound. But when he is shot out of the sky and must take refuge in Ashlyn’s farmhouse, he’s torn between his duty as Guardian and his desperate need to protect and claim his mate. One catastrophic Easter Egg Hunt later, he realizes the fiery woman might be more fierce than helpless, so how can he convince the little warrior that she needs him?

 This is a new-to-me take on dragon society with Dragon eggs needing to be protected as they develop by a Guardian dragon in the human realm. In this story, one such Guardian, Vichter, has been seriously injured and taken refuge under a tree where Ashlyn spots him. He’s actually amazed she can see him – most humans can’t. This is the start of a lovely paranormal romance with great characters and an engaging story that I really enjoyed. 

 Trail Binding by T Elizabeth Guthrie 

Keldan must find Frankie before Ostara in order to save himself and his people. Not even a war with the Ogres will stop him from claiming the woman he’s fallen in love with. 

This is the first paranormal romance that I’ve read involving trolls and ogres! It is a quick and adventurous read with the heroine helping to rescue the hero and helping bring peace to the two fighting factions.

Unleashing the Rock by Lorah Jaiyn

Pryce McIntyre is a social worker at La Petite Haven, a group home for children in a converted Gothic estate. She spends her evenings on her balcony to unwind, chatting with a concrete gargoyle whose lips won’t repeat her rendition of the day’s events.
On a night when the stars were unusually shimmery and lustrous, her reverie is interrupted as Guidry, the gargoyle, turns into his human form. Handsome, sexy, and with a Scottish accent, the attraction is immediate.
Until he starts talking and reveals his true self is a demon. Sparks fly, but she keeps him at arm’s length, something he’s not used to. Can Pryce change his wicked ways so he can find salvation?
When he meets Toby, a little boy who seems to be on the same fast track to trouble Guidry himself had taken, the demon has to reign in his own bad behavior. When Toby finds himself in danger, can a gargoyle come to the rescue?
And can Pryce control her heart until his three days are up?

This is a very different story of a demon turned into a gargoyle as punishment for killing someone. His only chance to escape his rocky tomb is to right the wrong he committed within three days of being released. He hasn’t managed it in the past but now Pryce McIntyre and the children of the group home may be able to stop him returning to his rocky tomb – especially as love grown between Pryce and Guidry and one of the troubled children, Toby. This is a story of redemption, kindness and love with great characters and plenty of action packed into this delightful novella.

Spring Awakening by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Catherina Cabot has quite a story to tell. She claims that after the murder of her family, she was imprisoned inside the crypt for over one hundred years.
Micki is torn between believing whether Catherina’s story is true, or she is merely disturbed and has assumed the identity of a long-deceased woman.
As the two grow closer, they realize they have a lot more in common than they first thought, and that Fate may have sent them both an Easter miracle.
A family murdered, their daughter interned alive in a crypt only to reawaken and be helped to escape a century later. Is that the truth or just a story this strange young woman has made up? A definitely different story you’ll have to read yourself to discover the truth!

Upwards Over the Mountain by Alison M. Diem 

In high school, Hemery Dyllan helped his best friend (and secretly the love of his life) Elliot Hardstark escape his abusive father. In the process, Hemery found out that Elliot wasn’t entirely human, and that Hemery was willing to do anything to keep Elliot safe. After ten years without each other, save a series of dreams that Hemery can’t even be sure were real, they’re reunited, but for how long? Can they find a way to be together or are they destined to be apart? 
I my copy of this collection this is actually the last novella and it is definitely a different one with spousal and child abuse, selkies, friendship, murder and more!

Of Opals and Dragons Eggs By Amanda Ruehle

Grant Harrison has found friendship— and maybe something more— with someone he was sure couldn’t exist: Moonlily, a feisty little fairy with a protective streak a mile wide and a secret that’s even bigger. When her secret— and the danger it brings— rears its head when he takes home for Easter, will the two of them have what it takes to survive?
He’s always been a bit of an oddity – like the rest of his family he’s a bit of a nerd. He’s studied History for his first degree but now wants to study Geology for his Masters and is invited to share something from his life with the interview panel. I didn’t foresee this story coming! It is the delightful story of an unexpected friendship, dragons, fairies and unexpected friendship….. a sweet, eggstr special Easter treat – just don’t let Lily see you eating any Easter Eggs!

The Spirit of Little Feather by Judy C. Swinson 

A childless couple adopts a small child, Maria, in Alabama. When Danny is born eight years later to the couple, Maria learns she is adopted. As a teenager, she’s hungry to find out about her own biological parents and begs her parents to help her. Although her mother is patient and understands her need to know, Maria sees no action on her parent’s part to find out for her. 
Then it appears the sun and stars align. On a church sponsored youth trip during Easter week, Maria meets Christain, a young man who is the group’s guide. On a kayak trip down the Crystal River, Maria feels a breeze on her face, no one else in the group feels and she hears sounds no one else hears and sees things no one else sees, except Christian does. Learning they are both adopted, will Christain hold the key to unlock the answers to Maria’s questions about where she comes from? Sometimes it’s in the timing that opens the doors to life’s questions.

Honey and the Easter Bear by Kathia Iblis 

When Honey Evans accepted her friend Amy’s invitation to spend Easter with her family, she had no idea her life was about to change forever because in the Alaskan wilderness humans are not always welcome — and bears do not always stay in their animal form. Kody Cavanaugh, alpha of the Kodiak shifter clan, wanted nothing to do with humans or shifters who associate with them. But the Alaskan wilderness is an unpredictable territory that might just bring him what he had always longed for: a delicate human female. Misgivings, broken eggs and Easter traditions brought them together, but will that be enough or are they destined to lose each other? 

This is a delightful story of an out of sorts bear shifter Alpha literally catching his mate when she falls down a hillside and lands in front of him! The imagery in this story is brilliant – come on, just imaging bears wearing Easter bunny ears!! I’ll be chuckling of this Easter paranormal romance for some time to come. It has great characters and more bunnies than you can imagine. There’s also some angst and turmoil to keep you guessing!

Sent to Me by Rena Marin 

When her life begins to fall apart, Harley Morgan finds herself relying on the help of a food-loving, breathtaking guardian angel by the name of Sebastian. While he watches over her, the two of them find themselves fighting not only dark forces but their feelings for one another. Will Sebastian win the fight and keep Harley safe, or will their feelings for one another tear apart everything they are fighting for?
Hearing strange noises outside her B&B, Harley Morgan goes out to investigate, armed with her father’s rifle. That’s when she first sees demons and rescues her guardian angel! What a dramatic start to this heartwarming story of being cared for by family who have passed on to new roles – including saving others and matchmaking! A very different story and take on life after death in an engaging novella with lovely characters.

No Arrows Needed by Skylar McKinzie 

Cupid isn’t supposed to fall in love. Everyone knows that, right? Well, when Tabby the witch decides the only way that her friend Tara is going to fall in love is with a little magickal intervention, she calls on her friend Todd, Cupid, to do the deed for her. When Todd falls in love with Tara, it goes against the Cupid’s code and puts his wings in danger. What will be more important to Todd? His wings…or his heart? 

Sometimes fate definitely plays a part – but when Cupid’s arrows fail to hit his target he’s going to falling head over heels himself in this, one of the shortest novellas in this collection. However, it still manages to pack lots in and is a light-hearted, fun read.


Bad Egg by Tiffany Carby 

Valerie Webber is desperate. She’ll do anything to escape the clutches of the evil drug lord, and soon to be ex-boyfriend, Vincent “Vinny” DeMarco – even if that means running away, and landing herself in one of the smallest, inconspicuous towns in Kentucky. Hiding behind the name Vale Phoenix, she expected to meet strangers in Spring City, while laying low in the small town. What she didn’t expect, however, was to find herself in the arms of a handsome stranger. Vale meets Julian Knight, who offers her more than just room and board. She finds herself helpless against his memorizing gaze and witty demeanor. However, Julian is hiding a dark secret of his own: a secret decidedly deadlier than a criminal ex-boyfriend seeking vengeance.  In her quest for sanctuary and the beginnings of a new life, will Vale truly find freedom from Vinny, only to fall into the sinister clutches of a far more dangerous man?

This is one of the longer stories in this collection and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Escaping from her abusive, drug lord boyfriend takes planning, courage and initiative as well as desperation. Valerie has all these and also has luck on her side when she ends up in a small town – but is it good luck or bad? You’ll have to read it yourself to find out!

Many thanks to Wickedly Innocent Promotions for providing me with a copy of this collection to read and review, for organising the tour and providing materials for this post. All reviews are my own, honest opinion after reading the novellas.

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