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A Bride For The Playboy Prince #Review #Romance #Collection #RoyalRomance #Contemporary

Title: A Bride For The Playboy Prince

Author: Sharon Kendrick, Sandra Marton, Maisey Yates  

Publisher: Mills and Boon

Pages: 224

Published: April 3rd, 2018

Rating: 5/5

Three royal romances in one collection, each featuring a strong, independent heroine who isn’t looking to marry into royalty – in fact, they take some convincing to do so! In each story the Prince has a very different persona that he shares to the world to that he reveals in private. All three stories are delightful reads, passionate and loving, each with their own twist on the prince falling in love with a commoner, somewhat Cinderella style.

In the first story, The Ice Prince by Sharon Kendrick, Prince Luciano of Mardovia is considering announcing his marriage to the princess he was betrothed to as a baby. However, he can’t resist checking up on the only woman who ever treated him as himself rather than a Prince, the woman who left him, Lisa Bailey. This encounter leaves her pregnant and he is determined that the child will be born in wedlock and heir to his throne. His only problem is convincing Lisa!

In the second story, The Ice Prince by Sandra Martin, Anna Orsini is a lawyer who has rejected her father’s criminal, mob boss, lifestyle but can’t refuse to help him fight to gain access to her mother’s disputed land in Sicily. The two have some fraught encounters and heated moments on the flight to Italy when they don’t realise who the other is. This mutual attraction is hot and the sparks definitely fly as they try to resolve the dispute and their mutual attraction in this fast paced feisty romance.

The final story is At His Majesty’s Request by Maisey Yates and in this story Prince Stavros has employed a renowned, discrete, matchmaker, Jessica Carter, to help him find him someone to be his bride and future queen. However, despite all the attractive young ladies she enables him to meet, she is the only one that catches his eye and his heart but she has secrets that make her totally unsuitable no matter how strong the attraction is between the two of them. Can love find a way for them?

This is a great collection of very different royal princes finding love in settings both real and imaginary written by three talented authors. Even if you aren’t looking for a prince, they’re still lovely stories to escape into, IMHO!

I requested and was lucky enough to be given a copy of this novel, via NetGalley, with no obligation. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.

Synopsis :

Designer Lisa Bailey knows she doesn’t belong in Prince Luciano’s world. Yet when one stolen encounter leaves her unexpectedly pregnant, Luc is determined to claim his queen!

Prince Draco Valenti wears his icy exterior like a suit of armour…. until he meets lawyer Anna Orsini. While they’re at odds in business, in the bedroom Draco’s desire for Anna melts his defences.

Matchmaker Jessica Carter arranges marriages that work. And that’s exactly why Prince Stavros Drakos has hired her. Yet no other woman ignites as intense a passion in him as Jessica does…

It’s time for these rebel princes to meet their match!

Buy Links:    Amazon (UK)         Amazon (US)

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