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A Nanny for the Reclusive Billionaire by Regina Kyle #Review #Romance #Contemporary #Series

Series: Billionaire Popular Romance #2

Title: A Nanny for the Reclusive Billionaire

Author: Regina Kyle

Publisher: Entangled Indulgence, Entangled Publishing

Pages: 224

Published: August/September, 2018

Rating: 4/5

This is a fun, contemporary romance featuring Mallory Worthington who is endeavouring to escape from the restrictions imposed on her by her over protective and manipulative mother and Rhys Dalton trying to protect himself and his young son by living on a relatively isolated island. She is an heiress who had cancer as a child but is now grown up and has rebelled by leaving her job as a chef in the family’s flagship hotel to go to work as a personal chef and nanny on an island in the Florida Keys. She definitely wasn’t ready to be fired before she ever met her young charge! However, Rhys still hasn’t recovered from the tragic death of his wife and has cut himself and his young son off from the world in an attempt to protect them both, and he realises Mallory is definitely going to break down the barriers he’s erected around his heart if she stays.

This is a story of guilt, over protection, temptation, grief and finding love again. It is an endearing story and the real star of it all is Oliver, Rhys’s son – he’s absolutely brilliantly portrayed throughout the story. Mind you, I have to say that all the characters are well developed and easy to relate to as they – and their locations – are brought to life by the author’s talented story telling skills and I’ll definitely be looking out for more by her in future.

I requested and was given a copy of this book, via NetGalley. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.


“Sexy and heartfelt, this book will have you voraciously turning the pages as you swoon your way to happily-ever-after. Loved it!”- USA Today bestselling author Kate Meader.

Mallory Worthington has had enough of being treated like a fragile flower. She needs to get out of Dodge, as far and fast as possible. Somewhere no one knows about her childhood battle with cancer. A talented chef working at her family’s flagship hotel, she leaps at the first job opportunity that meets her criteria – personal chef and nanny for a reclusive and insanely hot billionaire in the Florida Keys. She doesn’t know a lot about the nanny part, but how hard can it be?

Billionaire Rhys Dalton cut himself off from the world after his wife was killed. Living on this remote island was the only way he could ensure the safety of his son. Finding someone willing to help him take care of his child, well that’s been a challenge right up until Mallory knocks on his office door. She makes him think and feel things he hasn’t in years. He’s smart, so he fires her on the spot.

But she’s not going anywhere, no matter how hard he might try to get rid of her…

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One comment on “A Nanny for the Reclusive Billionaire by Regina Kyle #Review #Romance #Contemporary #Series

  1. carhicks
    September 11, 2018

    Sounds like a very well written and enjoyable story. Nice review Elaine.


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