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Ranger’s Legacy by Vella Munn #Review #Romance #Contemporary #Series #readztule #Montana


Series: Montana Rangers #1

Title: Ranger’s Legacy by Vella Munn

Author: Vella Munn

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Pages: 262

Published: October 5th, 2018

Rating: 4/5

The author’s love for the wildlife and environment in the Montana national park shines through in this story which features Amber Baum, an archaeologist intending to discover more about the history of the cabins and buildings within that area and a local ranger, Garret Haute. Her vivid descriptions bring the beautiful landscape to life within the imagination of the reader, complete with sights, sounds and even smells at times.

Amber has moved to Sweetheart Montana hoping to make a new life for herself away from her overprotective and blinkered parents and older brothers. She wants to be independent and has no plans on falling in love or lust and certainly not with the handsome Ranger she first meets! However, fate has plans for her and Garret – but you need to read it for yourself to discover just what!

The story has well developed main characters with very different childhoods. Whilst Amber had both parents and her siblings they all tried to plot her life for her, steering her to follow courses and introducing her to the people they believe will help her succeed but never considering just what she’d like to do or demonstrating affection. Garret was largely raised by his mother and grandmother and had a significant role in helping raise his younger sisters in their loving family. Garret doesn’t like to let others lead, he needs to be in charge and look after others – even when they don’t want or need looking after. It is this over protective nature that makes the relationship between Amber and Garret difficult and it isn’t easily overcome.

This is an easy read romance in a beautiful setting and a lovely start to a new series.


Determined to prove herself, archaeologist Amber Baum moves to Sweetheart, Montana to focus on her career. She has no room for mistakes and no time for love, so when she meets the handsome forest ranger, she vows to stay clear. Easier said than done…

Garret Haute has dedicated his life and career to protecting the visitors to Montana’s vast wilderness and taking care of his family. He’s still haunted by a tragedy he was powerless to prevent, but after he meets Amber, suddenly he’s thinking about a lot more than doing his duty. When they become involved in a potentially dangerous project, sparks fly and Garret finds himself falling faster than he ever imagined.

Can two people forget their pasts to embrace each other and their future?

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