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A Way Back Home by Alison Sherlock #Review #Contemporary #Romance #BlogTour

I originally read and posted my review of this book, with no graphics or any other information. I’m reposting it today, with the additional materials, as part of the blog tour.  As I concluded in my review, ‘It is a great contemporary romance and I have no hesitation in highly recommending it.’ I thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightful book and am very happy to give you all a second, more colourful, chance at discovering it for yourself.




Series: Willow Tree Hall #3

Title: A Way Back Home

Author: Alison Sherlock

Publisher: Aria

Published: November 6th, 2018

Pages: 470

Rating: 5/5






What happens when two lost souls find themselves?

After recent heartbreak, Skye Jackson finds herself homeless and on the road with only a classic Airstream trailer to her name. A surprise inheritance of a rundown little lodge in the grounds of beautiful Willow Tree Hall forces her to change her plans. However there is a problem…

The lodge is co-owned by care-free, playboy Will Harris, who finds himself unemployed after a recent tabloid scandal.

Skye desperately wants a home to call her own and needs to move on as quickly as possible. Will doesn’t want to stay at his family home either to face the ghosts of his past. So they decide to put aside their differences and renovate the cottage together.

But when a storm hits, Skye and Will are forced to stay on to ensure that an important wedding goes ahead. Can Skye finally find a home of her own? Can Will stop running from his past and help out his family when they need him the most?

The magic of winter at Willow Tree Hall is about to change everything…

Perfect for fans of Jill Mansell and Carole Matthews.

My Review:

This is a lovely, contemporary romance and a great addition to this series. It has so many heartwarming characters, a delightful village community, members of the nobility and even rock stars!

Skye is a caring young lady. She helped bring up her younger sister and looked after their landlord, Norman, until he sadly died. Now she’s following his final wishes and visiting Willow Tree Hall in Cranley and the Harris family but she’s not sure why!

Her introduction to the family starts with her backing the huge caravan she’s towing over a vintage car. However, despite this inauspicious start, she’s definitely in for some shocks and surprises as she gets to know just what Norman has left her, connects with the family and community and discovers more about herself, her talents and a heartwarming romance!

It was great to visit this family again- and just in time to find out more about their struggles to save the Hall, wedding preparations and the festivities. I believe it could be read as a stand-alone but that it is even better if you’ve read the previous book first as it continues on from it and involves many of the same characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the series. The author has created characters who are believable and easy to relate to, especially because of their flaws, worries and problems. I loved how both Will and Skye re-evaluated their individual goals, desires, beliefs and plans as the story progresses. It is a great contemporary romance and I have no hesitation in highly recommending it.

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read the book.

Buy links

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2J2Pjc8
iBooks: https://apple.co/2CT6MUn

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Otxmtc
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2yjlhN6


An extract to whet your appetite!

The past six months had been the worst of times for Skye. Although Norman had moved into a care home eighteen months before he had passed away, the house had remained exactly the same as if he had still been living there. But once he had died, the fees for the care home had to be settled from the estate and used up every penny of the proceeds from the sale of the house. Summer had helped as often as she had been able to, but her hours at the hospital were so busy that the bulk of the clearing of the house had been shouldered by Skye, especially as the unhappy task had needed to be done quickly.

Still grieving for Norman, it had been a double blow when Summer had then moved permanently up north a few months previously for her new job. They had always been so close, a constant source of comfort to each other during their tumultuous childhoods. To not have her sister close by had been difficult for Skye.

‘I know it’s been horrible for you,’ said Summer. ‘But I’m a junior doctor in a crazily busy A&E department and I still get time off to go out.’ Her voice became softer. ‘Norman wouldn’t want you to just fritter your life away, would he?’

Skye gulped away the tears that stung her eyes as she shook her head in response.

‘Why else would he leave you that lovely Airstream when I only got his book collection?’ carried on Summer with a soft laugh.

Skye smiled. She knew that her sister cherished Norman’s classic novels and would never part with them. She forced herself to sound more cheerful. ‘Well, maybe I won’t come and sleep on your sofa tonight after all. Maybe I’ll go touring round Europe in my lovely trailer!’ She bit her lip. She could barely drive it around her own country, as that afternoon had proved. What hope did she have of driving it through narrow roads winding up and over the Alps?

Anyway, her inner voice reminded her, this wasn’t just about her dreams, whatever they were. This was about moving up to Liverpool and finding a new life for her and Summer Although Summer was a little further ahead with that than Skye was.

‘Did you manage to put that traffic cone in the parking space outside your flat?’ she asked.

‘Sorry. I forgot and I’m at the hospital now,’ said Summer, sounding sheepish. ‘It’ll be fine. We’ll sort something out.’

Skye rolled her eyes. Her sister was spectacularly disorganised. Oh well. She would sort it all out when she arrived. The curse of the older sister was that everything fell onto her shoulders.

‘Well, here’s hoping that whatever else it is that Norman’s left you at this Willow Tree Hall can be sold,’ said Summer. ‘Then you can have that wild afternoon in bed with a gondolier before too long.’

‘It’s all about the sex with you today,’ said Skye. ‘Shouldn’t you be saving lives or something?’

‘I can do both. I’m very flexible,’ replied Summer, the sound of sirens getting louder in the background. ‘Hey, I’d better go. Let me know how you get on. Love you.’

‘Love you, too.’

Skye put down the mobile with a sigh, grateful that her younger sister’s life was sorted. All the sacrifices that she had made whilst Summer had completed her medical degree had been worth it. She was happy and settled.

Of course, it was ironic, she thought, that whilst Summer had a bright future ahead of her, Skye had no job and, as of that morning, nowhere to live. To some people, that would have been an exciting adventure after so many years taking care of everyone else. A leap into the unknown. But Skye and her sister had grown up never knowing what tomorrow would bring or where their mother’s wanderings would lead them next. Skye had had enough of insecurity by the time she reached eighteen years old.

Thankfully, then, they had begun to live with Norman. Once their mother had moved on once more, Skye and Summer could begin to settle into a home at long last. For the past ten years, Skye had taken charge of their lives and guardianship of her younger sister. Independent of their mother’s contrary life, Summer had finished her schooling and, thanks to Norman, they both had a secure and stable home life.

Skye had just about managed to pay the rent on their rooms to Norman every month for the past decade, taking any jobs she could to make ends meet. In return, she had taken care of him as his health had begun to deteriorate and the house had become too large for him to cope with. He had slowly and steadily become a grandfather to them both.

But now that Norman had passed away, all that security had been taken from her once more. His house had needed to be sold to pay for all the bills that had been incurred in the final few years. She hadn’t been able to find anywhere else to live as rental prices had shot up in London and, with the double whammy of the café she ran closing down, she had no job either. Everything she owned was packed away in the back of the car and her trailer. The car seats were chock full of her personal possessions. The trailer itself was crammed with boxes of spare materials, paint and anything else that she could use to upcycle any living space once she had found somewhere for both her and Summer to live.

Her original plan had been to head straight up north to Liverpool but the unexpected discovery of the letter a few weeks previously had changed everything.

Whilst clearing out Norman’s paperwork, Skye had discovered a letter telling her to visit this strange place.

Dearest Skye,

Go and find Arthur Harris at Willow Tree Hall in Cranley. He’ll show you what is rightfully yours. You deserve it. Be happy.

Love always,

Norman x.


About the author

Alison Sherlock enjoyed reading and writing stories from an early age and gave up office life to follow her dream. Alison lives in Surrey with her husband and a daft golden retriever.


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Many thanks to Aria for providing information and materials for this post and organising the tour it is part of. I requested and was gifted a copy of the book via NetGalley and the review is my own, honest opinion after choosing to read it.

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