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Fangs, Fur and Fa La La: A Paranormal Christmas Collection 

Brilliant collection of ten paranormal festive romances – highly recommend!

Title: Fangs, Fur & Fa La La: A Paranormal Christmas Collection  

Authors: Valerie Twombly, Margo Bond Collins , Zoe Forward, Kathryn Hearst, Sharon Kay, Lisa Kessler, Donya Lynne, Julia Mills, Regina Morris, Kristen Strassel

Pages: 1150

Published: December 4th, 2018

Rating: 4/5

What a brilliant collection of stories this has proved to be, introducing me to some new authors who I’ll be looking out for in future as well as having stories by others who are already favourites with me. There are a mix of shifters, vampires and all things paranormal in stories set around the festive season but otherwise unrelated to each other. All of them are complete stories with their own HEA but some are also part of a series so if you enjoyed reading the one in this collection there may be others by the same author for you, like me, to look out for. Don’t assume this will be a quick read collection, the individual stories may not be long but the collection has kept me enthralled for days. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending this collection to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance and is looking to discover more brilliant authors or festive reads!

‘Merry and Bright’ by Margo Bond Collins is a great introduction to a new series that I’ll definitely be looking out for more of. With the Winter Queen’s warriors trying to capture kitsune Tyler Bright he never expected to be rescued by a human- or is she? Told from the alternating points of view of Merry and Tyler this is
‘One Night with a Witch’ by Zoe Forward is a fun, steamy forbidden romance with “something” taking him over to enable revenge . . . Action packed but with laugh out loud moments. Great ending. Part of ‘Keepers of the Veil” series – I need to check it out in future!
‘Melting Jack Frost’ by Kathryn Hearst is a fun, heartwarming second chance romance with plenty of surprises packed into it. Jack Frost fell in love with Ginger when they were only 8 and 6yo… When she was 18 they planned to elope but his father intervened and forced them apart. Now she’s returned to the North Pole, will their love have a second chance? Lovely festive read, thoroughly enjoyed it – with plenty of twists and turns to keep you reading! Definitely a fun, favourite read, it even has Santa involved in resolving events.
‘Wolf Tracks’ by Sharon Kay has other shifters trying to find a missing foster child, thirteen year old Dylan. He is a 13yo runaway who doesn’t know he’s a shifter and he’s scared. Hudson is sent by his alpha to Chicago where he works with empath Bailey to search for the pup. Action packed story with gangs, shifters and lots of love – a great read!
‘The Lone Wolf’s Wish’ by Lisa Kessler is the one I’ve been waiting for – I was really looking forward to reading it and admit to being biased as I’ve loved everything I’ve read by this author so far – and this was no exception!  Absolutely loved The Lone Wolf’s Wish- really can’t wait to read the series that it starts. Anyone who enjoyed this author’s Moon series really needs to read this – continues on but with a new pack. It is a brilliant suspense filled shifter romance that’s signals the start of an enthralling, new series. Can’t wait to read it! If you haven’t read any of Lisa’s books you’re missing a treat! This story has a lone wolf seeking revenge after all the other members of his pack were slaughtered. He travels into another pack’s area and encounters someone he loved as a teen but hasn’t seen for years after she and her family disappeared from their community. Will this be a second chance for them to find love together or will fate drive them apart again?
Raven’s Gift by Donya Lynne is a great steamy mix of Egyptian mythology, shifter and lycan romance with both main characters believing they’re seriously flawed until love brings them to each other. Heartwarming story and part of a much larger (AKM) series but works well as a standalone though tempted to try other books in the series!
Her Dragon’s No Angel by Julia Mills shows that when fate has plans for you, there’s little you can do to alter them – even if you’re a dragon shifter or a Christmas angel! Very different romance which even includes a visit to Heaven! Trapped by a blizzard, an intrepid rescue, a battle against evil and a wedding are the highlights in this fun read!
Destined Desire by Regina Morris is the next story in this amazing collection and it is Romeo and Juliet vampire style! He broke their engagement, humiliated her and married who his parents told him to. Now he’s looking for another wife and she’s in charge of finding one for him. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but difficult when she still loves him!
Intercepting Christmas by Kristen Strassel is a definitely different story as it involves a couple who are already married to each other, living in a time when everyone knows shifters exist. He’s a well known sports coach whilst she’s the producer of a reality television show but their busy careers are keeping them apart. It is the seventh book in the series but works well as a standalone and involves shifter wars, family drama, a new shifter and, of course, Christmas!
Finding Hope by Valerie Twombly stars a dragon shifter fireman and a waitress who is making a fresh start after escaping from a very abusive relationship. They’re both reticent to follow up on their attraction to each other because of their past history. He worries about her being willing to accept his dragon form. She is wary of men because of the abuse she suffered, but feels safe with him. Can they overcome their fears and give their romance a chance?
This is my honest review after choosing to read them all.


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2 comments on “Fangs, Fur and Fa La La: A Paranormal Christmas Collection 

  1. Bookworms corner blog spot
    December 6, 2018

    I need to add this to my Christmas TBR. It sounds perfect for my taste.


    • bicted
      December 6, 2018

      Probably the best collection of this genre that I’ve ever read – hope you enjoy it as much as I did! There are some great authors who have contributed – some I already knew about but others that I’ll definitely be checking out in future.


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