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Colton Cowboy Standoff by Marie Ferrarelli #Review #RomanticSuspense #Series #Contemporary #Cowboy

Title: Colton Cowboy Standoff 

Author: Marie Ferrarelli

Publisher: Harlequin 

Rating: 3.5/5

Now most folk who read my reviews (thank you!) know that I really enjoy contemporary cowboy romances and so I was really looking forward to reading this one. It is the first in a new series but I suspect there have been other stories about the Coltons in the past, some of the characters seemed very familiar! In this story we meet Wyatt Colton, the rebellious oldest son of the Colton dynasty, and his ex-wife who has retuned after leaving him without any explanation six years ago. Although they are now divorced, she has come back to ask him to father a baby with her. (What the heck – she left him and now she wants his child?!?!?) She has spent the intervening years following her dream and is now a vet (- really? I thought it took longer than that to qualify?). Okay, suspend disbelief and just enjoy the story!

When a cow has problems giving birth, Bailey comes to the rescue and demonstrates her new skills, saving both the cow and calf as well as earning the resp ct of the ranch hands and attention of Wyatt. There are other dangers, however, as the ranch and its herd are being sabotaged and a murder victim is found. Who is the perpetrator? What is their motive? Will the attraction between Wyatt and Bailey rekindle their romance?

There are lots of questions raised as this story progresses and several points in the story where you just have to accept this is just a story. It is full of intrigue and, although many aspects are fully resolved others aren’t- especially concerning the sedan driver . . . . I suspect I’ll need to read subsequent stories in the series to discover just what is happening and why, though I do have my suspicions! Yes, there are some aspects of the story that I questioned but I did still enjoy reading it and suspect that the series will get better as it progresses- and I do want to discover more about why it is all happening!

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley and chose to read it. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.


Two exes reunite as danger rocks the family ranch.

A Coltons of Roaring Springs romance

Years after ending her relationship with her husband, Wyatt Colton, Bailey Norton shows up on his doorstep with an unexpected request: to father her child. Unresolved passion sets off sparks between them, but Bailey must resist Wyatt’s undiminished allure—and show her true grit when the Colton ranch is mysteriously sabotaged. Can this Colton cowboy lasso the culprit and a forever family?

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