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The Ring of Gilly Wood by Ruth Banister

My Review:

What a lovely, emotive story this proved to be – a story of the visit of Queen Elizabeth I, a thief, and secret from the past and its impact on the present for a young mole, the woodland where he lives and another Elizabeth and her friend. The young mole is left alone when his parents and siblings are killed but he becomes the respected leader of the animals who live there. However, when developers threaten, can he help save their homes?

This children’s story deals with unexpected friendships, being considerate for others, protecting the environment, the possible relationships between animals and between animals and humans and so much more. There are examples of self sacrifice, resilience, looking after each other, loss and so much more in this delightful story. The characters – animal and human – are all well developed and brought to life within the pages of the story. It deals with many emotive issues and actually helps share opposing points of view as the story progresses.

It may well be written for children and could easily be used to promote discussions but it is an engaging and enthralling story that I enjoyed as an adult, too. It is certainly one I’d recommend teachers of KS2/Middle Grade pupils consider using with their pupils. There are so many aspects that could easily be followed up! I have no hesitation in highly recommending this as a great read for anyone but especially for children, their parents and teachers.

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book and this is my honest review after I chose to read it.


‘There he is,’ whispered Vixen. ‘It’s true then,’ said Buck Rabbit. ‘He’s just a small mole,’ said Doe Rabbit. ‘He’s not just a mole,’ said Vixen.  A great queen loses a ring. Hundreds of years later a ring slips onto the paw of a young mole. The mole grows to be a wise and trusted leader of Gilly Wood and all the animals that live there. But a great threat is coming. Can one small mole save a whole valley? Mole sets out to do just that with friends he makes along the way and the strange thing on his paw…

Purchase Links

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ring-Gilly-Wood-Ruth-Banister/dp/178132817X


Author Bio –

Ruth was born on a hot August day on a farm in Sussex. Her English teacher once made her write a story about wasps after one landed on her during a lesson. She still hates wasps but she loves writing. Ruth now lives in Kent with her family and their strange dog.

Website – www.ruthbanister.com




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Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for providing materials for this post and organising the tour it is part of. The review is my own, honest opinion after reading the book.

One comment on “The Ring of Gilly Wood by Ruth Banister

  1. Myndi @ madbooklove
    January 20, 2019

    I often find that books written for children (of any age) usually have something to offer readers of all ages. So many adult readers miss out because they leave these types of books behind. Excellent review!


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