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A Cowboy and a Promise by Pam Crooks #Review #Contemporary #Cowboy #Series


Series: Blackstone Ranch #1

Title: A Cowboy and a Promise

Author: Pam Crooks

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: January 24th, 2019

Rating: 4/5



A promise to a dying friend has Ava Howell travelling from her New York home to the Blackstone Ranch in Texas to oversee the development of a ghost town vacation resort there. The only problem is that the son’s of the ranch owners really don’t want the resort developing – they’d rather sell that acreage to someone else to build. That’s especially true for Beau Paxton, but as he gets to know hard working Ava, the attraction between them builds. The worry also escalates as a long running family feud seems to have put both Ava and Beau in danger . . . . .

This is a great start to a new series and it is a delightful, easy, read with plenty of angst, some threats, danger and dilemmas. The characters are well developed and my opinion of them changed during the story as more aspects were revealed – just like happens in real life. There are cliff hanger moments, peril and romance in this story and it introduces an array of great characters who I suspect may be involved in future stories in this series. It is a series I look forward to reading more of and have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who enjoys stories where the heroine is an independent young lady who has overcome obstacles to work in a male dominated industry and a hero who is a soldier who has returned to his family ranch.

I requested and was given a copy of this book, via NetGalley. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.


Her determination fuels his desire…

When her dying friend pleads for help to finish a renovation project, Ava Howell can’t refuse, even though her promise means leaving her new career and familiar life in New York to travel to a remote ranch in Texas. She’s good at what she does, and the ghost town vacation resort would look great on her resume, but it means tangling with the ex-military cowboy who is determined to stop her as soon as she arrives.

Beau Paxton needs to sell the land and ghost town to save his family’s struggling ranch. He’s a formidable enemy to Ava’s determination, but the harder she works, the more his attraction for her grows. He doesn’t want to set aside his plans so she can succeed at hers, yet he finds himself doing just that…

Will a promise bring a city girl and a sexy cowboy together? Or will a broken one drive them apart?

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