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Sedona Sin by Lisa Kessler #Review #WolfPack #Series

Series: Sedona Pack #1

Title: Sedona Sin

Author: Lisa Kessler

Publisher: Lisa’s Lair

Pages: 300

Published: February 25th, 2019

Rating: 5/5   

I requested and was given a copy of this book without obligation. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.

I loved reading the fantastic Moon series by this talented author, a series which involved the Reno pack of wolf and jaguar shifters in a suspense filled battle with NERO, a government backed organisation striving to create and control super shifters. However, I don’t think you necessarily need to have read the Moon series to enjoy this one – but I highly recommend you do so – I always eagerly awaited every book in the series, thoroughly enjoyed reading them – and listening to them as audiobooks, too. The Sedona Pack was mentioned in that series and I was thrilled to discover they are to have their own series!

The Sedona pack is something of an anomaly as their Alpha had somewhat megalomanic tendencies and was prepared to do just about anything to further his power, including imprisoning and torturing others. That Alpha was overthrown when members of the pack, led by Asher, rebelled. Now they have no Alpha and most of the members have little if any idea of how a pack would normally function.

Two people who were bitten on the orders of the old Alpha, forcing them to become shifters, are Asher and Naomi. They both survived the cruel practices of their Alpha and are now close friends with growing feelings for each other. They discover that there are still jaguar assassins loyal to NERO who are threatening their pack, especially Naomi’s twin sons, and a politician who is threatening to expose the shifter world to humans. They’re going to have to determine who will lead and protect their pack whilst still reconsidering their developing relationship and making discoveries of other threats that could change the shifter world. . . .

As legends prove true, fated mates meet but all is not well as jaguar assassins threaten and politicians hint at revelations. This is a brilliant start to this new series and has me hooked and wanting to read more already. The characters are well developed and scenarios portrayed so well the reader becomes immersed in this paranormal world with its threats, dangers and heartwarming romance. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and am definitely eager to read more in this series as soon as they become available – I can’t wait!


A new Alpha will rise… 

Asher Mateo’s future was stolen the night the Sedona Pack Alpha marked him to be bitten. Drafted into the werewolf Pack, Asher was forced to become a man he hardly recognized. After heading up a rebellion to overthrow their Alpha, Asher can’t wash the sins from his hands and yearns for a fresh start. But he can’t bring himself to leave Naomi and her twin boys. Without a strong Alpha to lead the Pack, all their lives are at risk from a new threat who will stop at nothing to expose shifters to the world as blood thirsty killers.

Naomi Rossi used to be a graphic designer with a black belt in karate and deadly aim with ninja stars, but under a full moon a wolf bite left her changed forever. Now she’s a single mom to her twin boys, and doing her best to help her friend Asher see himself the way she does, as a leader. But a passing touch, threatens all of her plans as her wolf recognizes this man is destined to be much more than a friend…

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The Moon Series: 
Each novel can be read as a stand alone, but you may enjoy reading the series in order as well.

Welcome to Reno, Nevada, the Biggest Little City in the World and home to a Werewolf Pack whose future is on a collision course with the Nero Organization, a covert military corporation bent on creating the perfect shape-shifting assassin.

  • Book 1 – Moonlight (Lana & Adam)
    Book 2 – Hunter’s Moon (Aren & Sasha)
    Book 3 – Blood Moon (Gareth & Nadya)
    Book 4 – Harvest Moon (Jason & Kilani)

    Book 5 – Ice Moon (Jared & Taryn)
    Book 6 – Blue Moon (Logan & Vivi)
  • Book 7 – Wolf Moon (Luke & Raven)
  • Book 8 – New Moon (Sebastian & Isabelle)
The Sedona Pack
Each novel can be read as a stand alone, but you may enjoy reading the series in order as well.

At the end of the Moon Series, the Sedona Pack is freed from their tyrannical Alpha, but they’re left without a leader. With bitten wolves, skin walkers, former Nero operatives, this Pack will navigate uncharted waters against a government that may no longer hide their secret.

  • Book 1 – Sedona Sin
  • Book 2 – Sedona Seduction


3 comments on “Sedona Sin by Lisa Kessler #Review #WolfPack #Series

  1. Yay!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book!

    Thanks so much for writing up a review!

    Lisa 🙂


    • bicted
      March 1, 2019

      My pleasure, as usual, Lisa – so glad you’re writing a sequel to the Moon series and can’t wait to read more about the Sedona pack!


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