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Interview with Wa’qaar A Mirza author of Cries of a Dying Waterhole

I’m honoured to welcome Wa’qaar A Mirza author of Cries of a Dying Waterhole to my blog today. He has kindly agreed to answer my questions – read on to discover what he had to say and to find out more about his intriguing sounding book!

Tell me about your latest book, please.

Action thriller carrying a political message on solutions around current world issues and problems through fiction. The novel revolves around how states conspire to keep injustice and poverty at a status quo on one hand and on the other how they are trying to publicly reduce such things. The story is about a guy who discovers this hypocrisy and attempts to rally the world to face the reality and act.  He does this by assembling a world-class team of experts, who through technology and other means disrupts and manipulates people to bring about change

The book is very fast moving set in many countries across the world showing in graphic and in abstract way the cause and effect of this action. The climax is the global campaign using the power of artificial intelligence and social media to change the way the rich see poverty, and get them to act, but he is in danger of his own life and has to fight and win the campaign.  The book reaches the climax at Davos economic summit in Swiss. The book travels through the extremes of wealth and poverty, power and weakness, greed and hunger, trust and loyalty.   The style of writing is very descriptive and at points poetic. Very much a non- fiction story of our times but painted in fiction, it almost feels like a film

Where did you get the inspiration for the your writing? 

When you see wealth beyond belief in billions in client’s bank accounts and incredible greedy people spewing with billions and you can smell the stench of rotting money.  Then next day you see the magical beauty of the poorest sharing a few spoons full of rice with their poor neighbors. You think why and how, so deeply that you want to bang your head against the wall. Then you think its better to tell the story of the lies that the world is made on and how every day we are manipulated to hide the truth so unlimited wealth can be created for a handful of people on the planet of 7 billion people. Writing just flows like a pen with an ocean of ink when you write form the heart. But the point that triggered it was this. I was making a film about blindness and about a  mother seeing her daughter after 16 years, when her eye bandages was taken off. The operations to restore her eyesight cost were £2, but she never has the bus fare for the hospital trip since the daughter was 2. The emotion was so painful and tearful. That made me wants to write and help the poor.  It’s in the book in some way

What is your writing process- planner or pants?

I think I am a planner, I have a game plan, I know where the book and readers are going, but sometimes you just go for it in a chapter and your imaginations just runs wild, I guess like most writers somtimes your both depending how you feel that day, but very strategic in writing.

Do you write using pen and paper or on a computer – or a mix?

I think I am both. I have done lots of writing and ideas on the plot on paper and then bashed them out on the keyboard. I could not just use a computer, I need to see things that I have written and mapped out. I am still old school visual

If you were a character in your story, which would you like to be and why?

It has to be Jon, the protagonist. He has so many personal issues and his complex personality and still remains focussed in his challenges and goals. He is real and has the weaknesses that any human has often not found in hero characters. That’s what I like, a sensitive person, but who sees the bigger picture. He is a problem solver and I like that quality; always see glass half full, positive attitude in life with humility.

How and why did you choose the names for your main characters?

I wanted a strong name that would conjure up an image of a strong fiery character that was unstable and solid.  I started with the surname Firstone; it has a strong, powerful feeling. How I choose to be honest.  I just like the word Firstone. The only Firstone I know is tyres. Then I liked Jon, as Jon the batiste was saving people, and one of me hero is Jon Snow from C4.

What inspired your choice of book title?

Took long time and many names. I wanted to use a title that had an abstract meaning and was the basic of humanity and animals in their raw environment and vulnerability. WE all know what a watering hole is, and we all now the world is crying for help. The cover is similar in its abstract meaning.


 Thank you so much for answering my questions!



Information about the Book

Title: Cries of a Dying Waterhole

Author: Wa’qaar A Mirza

Release Date: 28th February 2019

Genre: Fiction

Page Count: 300

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing



It was that one fateful meeting in Arlington cemetery that started a chain reaction. The outcome that no one could predict. Covert operations, hostages, chaos around the planet, world leaders at loggerheads… and this was just the beginning. Can Harry Firstone – despite his colourful past – pull off a geopolitical coup that could bring change to the social imbalances across world? Just as the spinning plates of his emotions start to wobble with incredible consequences. Does truth have any value? And is there anything that money can’t buy? Politicians, media, bankers. We live in a world where we choose to believe in lies, but it’s in the dirtiest of swamps that beautiful lotuses bloom. This book is set to inspire you. It will make you get up and do something good. Let your conscience take you on a roller-coaster ride and uncover something you never thought you could.


Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43531936-cries-of-a-dying-waterhole

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cries-Dying-Waterhole-thriller-conscience-ebook


Author Information

Wa’qaar A. Mirza has worked in business consultancy and marketing for over thirty years, with companies including PwC and British Telecom, where he held senior marketing positions before moving to the HSBC group’s financial services product development team. Mirza has developed businesses of his own — selling both a marketing firm and an internet company — and franchise concepts for clients. He has written for numerous business journals and presented a business radio show in the Gulf. He has consulted on business development, private equity, and investment funding and brand development internationally. A former member of the BBC Advisory Council, he has also served as a trustee and director of the Royal Voluntary Services (RVS) where he met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who is the President of the charity. Mirza is a trustee of TBAP national special needs schools and of Worlds, Orphans into Work (WOW).


Twitter: http://twitter.com/waqaaramirza


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