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What Happens in Devon by TA Williams

Title: What Happens in Devon

Author: TA Williams

Publisher: HQ Digital

Published: February 2019

(Originally published in August 2013 as ‘Dirty Minds’)

Pages: 353

Rating: 4/5

My Review:

I was intrigued to discover there were a couple of the books by this author that I haven’t read and set out to rectify that matter, starting with this -one of the first books he ever had published. His inherent humour still shines through and there’s the ubiquitous black Labrador as usual but this is definitely different as it centres on a group of authors endeavouring to write erotica!!

Tom is a widower, struggling with bereavement after the tragic death of his wife who lost her battle with cancer. He’s seeing a bereavement counsellor who suggest he writes a more less serious book, maybe something on the lines of 50 Shades of Grey and he decides he needs help. He advertises for other authors to collaborate with him on this book and this collaboration brings together a group of six potential co-authors for a weekend of getting to know each other and planning the book. This is a weekend full of  surprising revelations, rekindled and new romance – and lots of drama and laughs!

The characters are, as usual, well developed and most are easy to relate to. There’s plenty of humour and laugh out loud moments in the story but I can definitely see why this book was originally called ‘Dirty Minds’! I dread to think what the author’s internet browser history showed whilst he was researching this book! As the co-authors endeavour to carry out their own research and experimentation there are many aspects of sexual encounters discussed as part of the story, however it is essentially a story of the group of people discovering more about themselves and finding love in the process.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and can see how the author has developed his skills since this first book but his “author’s voice” still shines through in this one, just a little quieter than in his latest stories. It is a fun read packed with great characters, humour and love and one that I really didn’t want to put down until I’d finished it – it really is a light hearted read to make you laugh!



Widower Tom is in need of a fresh start! He’s always dreamed of being a novelist and so, inspired by his therapist, he sets out to write a book – fuelled by hobnobs and cups of tea – after all, how hard can it really be?

But Tom soon enlists the help of a rather eccentric group of co-authors who live nearby in Devon. Together, their rather secret project becomes a collaboration that will cause rather a lot of giggles and change all of their lives, forever…

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2 comments on “What Happens in Devon by TA Williams

  1. Great review! I’ve somehow never read a book by TA Williams, and I’m not sure how that’s possible … so many of them look like what I love to read— especially this one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • bicted
      May 9, 2019

      I confess to loving escaping into anything by TA Williams. He’s definitely one of my favourite go to authors. I hope you get to read some of them and enjoy them as much as I do!

      Liked by 1 person

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