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The Raven Coven by Emma Miles #Spotlight #Extract #Giveaway #BlogTour

The Raven Coven

Kesta had left her heart across the sea. They were at peace, her people saved from slavery, and yet… her soul was uneasy.

Chem lies in chaos, its people suffering as a result of the death of the ruling sorcerers. Refugees flee the cursed Borrows, begging for help from those they had made their enemy. A Queen unknowingly makes a dark, deadly pact, and new powers rise to fill the seats left empty by the Dunham necromancers.


Purchase Links:

US – https://www.amazon.com/Raven-Coven-Fire-Walker-Book-ebook/dp/B07Q4K623S

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Raven-Coven-Fire-Walker-Book-ebook/dp/B07Q4K623S

Here’s an extract to whet your appetite:

In this extract Kesta is hiding out in a building in the city of Navere, a port in the dangerous land of Chem. Her friend, the fire-spirit, Azrael, has been out gathering information and returns with frightening news.


A quiet buzzing sound slowly seeped into her thoughts and she lifted her head up groggily, realising she’d dozed off. Looking around she saw Azrael had returned and was sucking the oil from one of the lanterns.

‘Would you like a bowl?’ She yawned.

‘Kessta!’ The fire-spirit flipped over and did a loop around her head.

‘Come on, let’s go up.’ She blew out the candle and left one lantern on the table, turning down the wick a little. She checked the door to the street and found it was locked. She lifted Azrael’s lantern and took it up to the bedroom she’d instinctively fled to. It was cold with the window open, but she didn’t trust the bed to be clean and so lay on top of it, placing the lantern on the floor nearby.

‘Did you find the other Drakes?’

‘Yess.’ Azrael came to hover near the bed. ‘They have been watching over the Sseats and the remaining sorcerers. Three there are that possess the power to trap a sspirit. Feren at the Sseat of Harva. Veron of Sseat Letniv and Backra who holds the Sseat at Darva. You and Jorrun are stronger than all of them unless they unite. But …’

Kesta sat up. ‘But what, Azra?’

The fire-spirit made himself small. ‘Don’t you feel it Kesta?’

She frowned and shook her head. Tentatively, she called up her knowing. She felt the distant emotions of the inhabitants of the city, intertwining into an undercurrent of anxiety, fatigue, and fear.

Azrael hissed. ‘Look deeper, Kessta!’

It was hard to relax, but she let herself go, sinking into the feel of the sleeping city. It crept in slowly, subtly, something more alien even than the metallic feel of a fire-spirit. A presence: watchful, impatient.

She gasped, drawing back her knowing quickly.

‘What was that, Azra?’

The fire-spirit made himself smaller still. ‘I don’t know, but it isn’t something good!’

Kesta put her fingers to her lips. She could taste blood in her mouth.


Author Bio

I presently live in the stunning county of Dorset where I’m a cat slave to Wolfe and Piglitt. I spend as much time as I can outside in nature and love exploring and learning about new cultures and languages. I’ve visited Greece, Serbia, Transylvania, Sicily and Norway as well as making several road trips around our beautiful United Kingdom. I paint, sculpt, dabble in photography and do a little archery but most of all – whenever I get a chance – I write.

My writing started from a very young age when I often found myself being the one taking charge of and entertaining all my younger cousins. They loved to hear my stories and although they mostly called for ghost stories it was fantasy I fell in love with when I read The Lord of the Rings when I was ten. I went on to write stories and short ‘books’ for my friends through school and college; then one evening whilst I was waiting for my aunt and uncle to visit an image came to my mind of a boy sitting beneath a bridge. I didn’t know who he was or why he was there, but from exploring those questions ‘The Wind’s Children’ trilogy blossomed and grew with roots going back into his far history as well as stretching out to his future. The boy’s name was Tobias.

I have since left Tobias’s world of ‘Naris’ to explore the Valley with Feather in the ‘Hall of Pillars’ which is now available through Amazon. I am now presently finding my way through Elden, the beautiful Fulmer islands, the ravaged Borrows and haunted Chem with Kesta Silene; a shamaness of sorts with a big journey ahead of her. I hope you come along to share her story and join her adventure; she needs you and you won’t regret it.

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