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His to Claim by Brenda Jackson

Series:  The Westmoreland Legacy

Title: His to Claim

Author: Brenda Jackson

Publisher: Harlequin Desire

Pages:  224 

Published: June 4th, 2019

Rating: 4/5

This is a SEAL romance with a difference as the couple concerned are already married and have four children. However, the constant secret missions and time apart are taking their toll on their marriage, especially from Teri’s point of view. She’s the one that keeps things running at home and when he returns Mac tends to try to take over, especially regarding their finances, but he is always the one the children can get their own way with. He isn’t used to juggling the every day activities and, by the time he’s getting used to it all, he’s off on another mission for an unspecified time. When he comes home and finds she’s left their children with his parents and gone to stay on the Wyoming ranch they’d talked about revisiting together he is determined to discover why she’s gone without him, not realising the trauma she’s had whilst he’s been away. Can they listen to each other and rekindle their romance or will tempers get in the way? Will her latest spend drive them further apart or be a chance to get them back together again? Will he even listen?

There’s unexpected danger for them both, a perilous natural event that will need his SEAL team to come to their rescue in this dramatic story. This is an unpredictable story filled with dramatic contrasts, heartbreaking at some times, heartwarming at others . . . . full of conflict, then full of love. It is a story that really demonstrates that communication is the key to keeping romance alive and sorting out problems. The suspense element makes this a real page turner and highlights the importance of every member of a team working together – be that as a married couple, a family or a SEAL team. It is a story filled with suspense, peril, action and love – a great read.

I requested and was given a copy of this book, via NetGalley. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.


It could be his toughest mission yet:

win back his wife.

When navy SEAL and honorary Westmoreland Mac McRoy returns home, he discovers his wife has left. Teri has retreated to the Wyoming ranch they’d planned to visit together, and is resentful when he follows. She doesn’t want a second honeymoon; she wants a marriage Mac doesn’t take for granted. But life-or-death circumstances are about to put their love to the ultimate test.

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