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Guest Post: Top Places to Write by Sophia Wasiak Butler

I am very happy to welcome Sophia Wasiak Butler here and thank her for kindly writing this guest post for me to share with you, today. Read on to discover her favourite places to write and more about her and her book, ‘Scotland and Aye’…..


Top Places to Write by Sophia Wasiak Butler

The most fundamental part about writing for me is a window. Ideally, with a view onto some kind of natural beauty. The most ideal setting I can conjure is of a log cabin in the woods with a roaring fire crackling in the background, whilst warming my feet in a deep sheep skin rug and sitting at an antique desk. The fantasy goes on, a well balanced glass of rioja by my side and the smell of a hearty stew bubbling in the kitchen just about sum it up! Did I forget to mention a deliciously handsome chef who is preparing dinner and loading the fire, whilst the snow falls outside?!

Realistically speaking, the window frames what you see, guiding your focus, but also restricting the view. (Forgive this small digression on the subject of under-celebrated windows). A dear friend educated me about the value of windows as a child, saying that each person is like a building. We can open a few windows at a time, giving an idea of what is inside. The time to be astute, are testing moments, your partner’s windows open and that is your chance to look inside. Even if someone could open all their windows on command, it would still never be a complete picture of what is there. Writing is little bit like those windows, you paint with words and show only what you can express through words….

The next up is an antique desk, with it’s special padding for writing letters and differing compartments, for which you can never normally find all the keys, will always be my favourite place to sit. A dark and solid mahogany masterpiece can never be replaced by it’s more modern counterpart with all it’s gimmicks like a hole for the computer cable, noiselessly opening drawers or inbuilt lighting. I am however partial to a more modern and ergonomic chair which spins and allows me to move between one pile of papers and another without getting up!

However, a fundamental point is really about what you are writing. When it comes like a need as essential as releasing bodily fluids, it really doesn’t mater when or where. A serviette in a crowded bar, a mirror and lipstick, a stick and a sandy beach, or a tiny student room from which you can wave to your neighbour as they make the infamous student staple of pasta and pesto! Sometimes gritty reality stimulates the creative juices just as, or better than a magnificent view.

For me, the creative process will always be intrinsically hermitic and lonely. I start by wearing my glasses rather than my contacts, stop answering the phone and put on my magic orange beret. I need time to put a spotlight on my inner world, far from the chattering busyness of everyday life.

I also like migrating from one spot to another, when the letters start to move on the page at their own free will, there is nothing like a change of room to get focused again!

Read on to discover more about Sophia’s book, ‘Scotland and Aye’

Title: Scotland and Aye

Author: Sophia Wasiak Butler

Release Date: 30th July 2019

Genre: Non-Fiction

Page Count: 140

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing




What could possibly go wrong when a London girl, (or penniless student armed with a hefty collection of literary gems), falls in love with a much older and dashing Scotsman, and tries her hand at goat-keeping, vegetable growing and life in a tiny Scottish hamlet?!

Sophia Wasiak Butler grew up as an inner-city London teen who always fostered a dream of country life. After graduating from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne University with her English Literature degree in her pocket, deaf to the unappealing and empty promises of the rat-race, she invites us to accompany her as she takes the daring jump into a world where the universal melds seamlessly with the personal. The path is bursting with literary sages, Eastern wisdom, the gritty reality of dirt-stained nails, self-reflection and a good dose of common sense on this adventure, always interwoven through the multicultural tapestry which defines the author.


Book links

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/47187233-scotland-and-aye

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Scotland-Aye-Sophia-Wasiak-Butler-ebook/dp/B07TKM5S3Y

Author Information

Sophia Wasiak Butler grew up in London and went on to study English Literature at Newcastle University. With nothing but her degree, a beanie hat and a silver suitcase to her name, it was time for this girl to become a woman and try her hand at adult life. After having fallen madly in love with a dashing and much older Scotsman, it was time to put her dream to the test in Scotland. The author now lives happily in Northern Spain in a traditional stone house, which is 136 years old, with her dog.  Apart from sharing her passion for languages by teaching English, the author can be found enjoying a plate of Galician octopus and sipping a glass of wine!


Tour Schedule

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Thursday 1st August            A Daydreamer’s Thoughts

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Many thanks to Sophia Wasiak Butler for her Guest Post and to Faye Rogers and Authoright for providing materials for this post and organising the blog tour it is part of.

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