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#authorinterview with Niaby Codd, author of ‘The Spirit of Life’

This book sounds like an intriguing read and I am very happy to be able to share some information about its inspiration and writing from its author, Niaby Codd, who kindly answered questions regarding it . Read on to discover more about her and her book! 

Why did you write this book?

I was inspired by spirit to write this book. As a developing medium, I was required to do an impromptu trance mediumship class during one of my courses and during this session, much to my surprise, I connected with an incredibly enlightened wizard!

Through connecting with him on two occasions throughout two different classes, I made the decision to sit with him at home and write as I recognised the language being used by him as being very similar to that which comes through in my writing.

I knew that spirt was helping me with my writing but I had no idea that it was this one particular spirit guide. By reading this book, you will bear witness to those conversations from start to finish – no editing, no changing, just as it came!

The spirit of life is a book of inspiration and meaning so it is of no great surprise that I first had to be inspired by spirit myself to be able to bring such words of wisdom into the public eye.

It is my hope that the words that come through in this book will help to inspire many people to make the changes that our world so desperately needs to see. By helping each individual to recognise that they all come to this Earth with a gift – a gift that will help to heal the rift, is to empower each individual to take action for themselves. Not by staging marches, protests and sit ins, but rather by using their passions as a guide to help them walk their own path, and in so doing, finding their way to make their own impact to affect that positive and loving change that we all so need to see.

What was your favourite part of writing this book?

I would have to say, recognising and realising the power of not only my connection with spirit but the power of spirit itself.

I spent roughly one hour a day writing this book with spirit and a further two to three hours a day reading and rereading the powerful words of wisdom that came through. It was so hard to believe that such powerful and beautiful words had, in fact, come into the world through me as I acted as a channel for spirit. I found myself continuously blown away by what was written on the page and even now, 3.5 years after writing it and having read it many, many times, I’m still surprised at how much more wisdom jumps out from the page each time that I read it.

What is your favourite drink to consume while drinking?

Herbal tea – I’m a herbal tea fiend!

Do you have any bad habits when writing?

Drinking too much herbal tea!!! 🙂

How would you entice people to read your book?

By asking them if they are happy with the current system. By asking them if they are truly happy with their current lives. By asking them if they would like to walk into a brighter future for all.

This book seeks to show that anything and everything is possible. That we are all one. That we are all love. That we are all powerful, creative individuals and that each and every one of us has something beautiful that we can offer to the world. That we all have not only the right but the freedom to stand in our own individual power if only we could let go of the shackles that hold us back. That each and every one of us has beauty in our souls and that each and every one of us has the right and the capacity to be healed in order to allow us to shine that beauty for all to see. That every one of us has a gift, a gift that will help to heal the rift. That every single one of us has the power to affect change. That every one of us has love in our hearts. That we all have the right to stand in our power and our individuality. That we can all let go of past pain. That we all have the right to love and be loved. That we all have the right to acknowledge who we are. That magic exists inside of us. That anything is possible with love.

If any of that speaks to you then this is the book for you…

Do you think you’ll write any other books?

Yes, many more I’m sure. For as long as the world needs changing, spirit will continue to have a voice and I’m very happy to play my part in allowing it to come through.

If you could live in any fictional world, which would you choose and why?

I would live at Burning Man! Burning Man is an art festival dedicated to self expression. No money changes hands at the festival itself. All attendees are expected to be self sufficient and to ‘leave no trace’ in the desert. Many people gift to the festival community by giving out free food and drink or by setting up music camps, yoga and wellness camps or simply by handing out small presents to their fellow burners as they meet them.

For one week, burners come together in a beautiful community where love and acceptance are the key factors. There is something for everyone at Burning Man and no one is judged for their preference.

As no money changes hands at the festival, people give generously of what they have. Whilst there is in no way an exchange of goods, you find that however much you give, whatever else you need finds its way to you through the generosity of others. Such is the law of attraction.

It’s a beautiful way to live and a way to see humanity at its kindest. Who knows, maybe one day communities such as this won’t be quite so ‘fictional’!

If you could befriend any fictional character who would you choose and why?

I would have to choose The OA from the hit Netflix series. She too has many weird and wonderful gifts and I have a feeling we would have a lot to talk about!


Many thanks to Niaby for answering the questions!
Read on to discover more about ‘The Spirit of Life’ and its author, Niaby Codd. 

Title: The Spirit of Life

Author: Niaby Codd

Release Date: 20th August 2019

Genre: Non-Fiction

Page Count: 198

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing


To read this book is to take the first step towards a life of consciousness. To read this book is to take the first step towards a life filled with love and abundance. To read this book is to take the first step towards knowing who you truly are.

For millennia, man has searched for purpose and meaning in his life but that journey has often led him to search in all the wrong places. It has been said many times that to connect with self is to connect with God and to connect with God is to connect with love, but our definition and understanding of what God is has become so misunderstood that many of us can’t even say the word, let alone connect with it.

By reading this book, you will start to realign yourself with the true definition of God, in all of its glory and all of its wisdom. By reading this book, you will start to realign yourself with the true meaning of self, in all of its beauty and all of its uniqueness. By reading this book you will start to realign yourself with the true meaning of love, in all of its expansiveness and all of its entirety. By reading this book you will take the first step towards the revolution of consciousness, the revolution of our hearts and minds, the revolution that will help us to find peace in ourselves and peace on our planet. The revolution that has been forever prophesied but never seen. The revolution that IS coming to our planet…

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/47595897-the-spirit-of-life

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spirit-Life-Niaby-Codd-ebook/dp/B07V5R5BVF



Author Information

Niaby Codd is an ex stock broker who saw the light in the darkest hour of poor health and recognised the call of her soul to walk a different path. She currently resides in London with a view to spending a lot more time in Ibiza. She is both a spiritual medium and a healer. Through mediumship, healing and writing, she hopes to inspire people to find the power to heal themselves so in turn, they too can inspire others to do the same.



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Many thanks to Faye Rogers @ Authoright for providing materials for this post and organising the tour it is part of and to Niaby Codd for agreeing to be interviewed and providing such interesting responses! 


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