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#GuestPost : Top 10 tips to protect against depression by R Griffiths

Welcome to Ray Griffiths, author of ‘Depression‘, who has kindly shared his top ten tips to protect about Depression in this Guest Post today.
Read on to discover his advice together with more about his book and himself…



The latest science is discovering that the brain can be nourished by so much more than just food



  1. Mediterranean diet – preferably an enjoyable meal along with family and friends
  2. Cut out sugar – the brain needs glucose, but neat sugar can overwhelm and damage brain cells
  3. Exercise
  4. Drink tea and coffee – consider both of them herbal medicine! Drink without milk and sugar
  5. Sing, dance, laugh and cry
  6. Spend time with people you care about – and who care about you
  7. Explore a country or coastal environment – with a dog if you have one
  8. Avoid long term stress – short term stress can be energising
  9. Give fast food a miss – the brain is a finely tuned biological machine. It deserves and needs a much better fuel than harmful junk food
  10. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, turmeric, ginger, pomegranates, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and walnuts


Information about the Book

Title: Depression

Author: Ray Griffiths

Release Date: 3rd September 2019

Genre: Non-Fiction

Page Count: 150

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing


The part of the brain most heavily associated with mental health, memory, emotion and mood is called the hippocampus; the biological name for the seahorse. It is the unusual seahorse-like shape of the hippocampus that has led to its evocative name. Just as the seahorse charms the depths of oceans, our own hippocampus, when supported and nurtured, can help to enchant our own lives. Worryingly, there are an increasing number of scientific papers linking problems with the hippocampus to depression, in particular, the shrinking or failure to regrow this part of the brain after prolonged stress. Depression, anxiety and mood disorders are often seen as entirely psychological in cause. However, more and more research is highlighting that chronic health issues, poor diet and lifestyle choices can, and will, negatively impact our vulnerable hippocampus, and consequently, our mental health.

Personalised nutritionist Ray Griffiths examines how we can modify our dietary and lifestyle choices to nourish our brain and hippocampus. These choices can help to cushion us from the harm we may encounter as we navigate the challenges of modern everyday life. This nourishment is absolutely vital, as every day our hippocampus can potentially regrow 700 brand new neurons, but it needs a huge amount of assistance to do so. Nourishment for the hippocampus can come from not just diet but also from balanced gut bacteria, social connection, exercise, an outdoors environment, music and dance. Learning how to support your brain health begins with what you eat.

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/47877669-depression-the-mind-body-diet-lifestyle-connection

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Depression-Mind-Body-Diet-Lifestyle-Connection/dp/1912850982



Author Information

Ray Griffiths MSc is a Registered Nutritionist and Lecturer and hails from the South of England, living on the borders of Essex and Suffolk. He has been researching and practicing nutrition for 20 years and lecturing for over 10 years. His lectures and webinars have covered diverse subjects such as: cancer and nutrition, chronic fatigue, depression, cardiovascular health, neurodegeneration, MS and ageing. Ray has a background in Engineering and likes to apply a similar style systems philosophy to nutrition and biochemistry – using this approach to challenge and greatly expand existing ideas and concepts. He is a keen water skier, was once a professional Speedway rider. He enjoys Pre-Rapaelite art and his favourite author is the American poet Robert Bly.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ray-griffiths-81654a51/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Raygriffiths9

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Depression-The-Mind-Body-Diet-Lifestyle-Connection-113013273397131/


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