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The Rancher’s Proposal by Paula Altenburg #Review #readztule #series


Title: The Rancher’s Proposal

Series: The Montana McGregor Brothers #3

Author: Paula Altenburg

Publisher: Tule 

Published: September 12th, 2019

Pages: 162

Rating: 4.5/5


My Review:

This is the third book in the series but I don’t think you need to have read any of the others to appreciate and enjoy this one – but they’re all great stories so I recommend you read them all!

A tragic aeroplane crash has killed the McGregor brothers’ parents and their sister and her husband. This has left the eldest brother to bring up their sister’s children and the two younger brothers have returned to help him, planning on staying for a year to do so. Zack McGregor is one of the younger brothers and, on first appearances, seems out to have a good time but he has a more serious side and meeting the new neighbour brings that protective side of him out in force. He also has an unfortunate reaction to the aroma of his niece’s dirty nappies that is somewhat embarrassing and funny! The neighbour is Posey Davies and she’s moved across the country with her two year old daughter after divorcing her abusive ex-husband. There’s mutual attraction there but she’s wary after her experiences with her ex-husband. Can him trying to get his youngest niece and her daughter to be playmates also help win Posey’s heart or will her past prevent them finding love together? What will happen if her ex visits?

This is an emotive story where the physical and emotional abuse experienced has a lasting impact on the victim but love and trust help heal. The patience, determination and kindness of Zach is brilliantly portrayed and this is a heartwarming romance that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Many thanks to the publishers for gifting me a copy of this book which I have chosen to read and, like all the others I’ve read by this author, I thoroughly enjoyed reading!


She said she’d never rely on a man again…

Never say never. When meek and mild Posey Davies calls it quits on her toxic marriage, she grabs her two-year-old daughter and runs. Her flight lands her in Grand, Montana, a community happy to take her in and even happier to nose about in her life and her unfortunate past.

The cowboy next door, Zack McGregor, has “good time,” written all over him. He’s only home for a year to help out his older brother, who’s guardian of their sister’s children. Zack is kind, funny and oh-so-easy on the eyes. He’d be perfect, but the practical Posey predicts Zac will disappear as soon as winter sets in.

Zack’s not as laid back and fun loving as he seems. He’s all about family and doing what’s right. When Posey’s deadbeat ex-husband begins making demands, Zack insists on playing protector.

Posey’s never had anyone stand up for her before and soon realizes that perhaps relying on this man and trusting in love is well worth the risk.

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