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#GuestPost by Miller Caldwell, author of ‘A Reluctant Spy’

Have you ever wondered what everyday life is like for an author? Read on to discover what it involves for author Miller Caldwell in this, his guest post…. Then continue reading to find out more about him and his book ‘A Reluctant Spy’.

When not writing, I’m thinking. When not thinking I am asleep. But that’s not the full story. There is our collie Georgie, who faithfully sits on my feet when I am writing. And with a collie, that walk is not just around the block. Over fields by the River Nith is where we go in the morning as I am situated in the Dumfries outskirts and it’s ideal collie territory.

I am the cook and bottle washers since I retired while my wife is still working at Police HQ in the special branch computer crime centre. What a great source of material but I am not always privy to its contents.

The garden has its demands, particularly in summer and so I love writing in the cooler and colder months, when the grass and borders hibernate.  If it rains and I am not doing general house work or shopping, I play the piano. I also play clarinet and saxophone so I can make a loud noise which is a wonderful way to relax. I close the doors and windows with the sax to keep the neighbours happy but Georgie prefers the more melodic clarinet. No, I said sax and meant sax it was not a misprint!

Every second Tuesday morning each month I go to Probus. It’s the Professional Businesspersons Club. We are all retired and have guest speakers each meeting. I have spoken several times about my unusual life and my books. Yes, I did confront Usama bin Laden in Pakistan and I did bring an African dictator to tears, but these are two other stories.

At present I am the President of the Dumfries Robert Burns Club and on 18th January we celebrate our clubs 200th year. Two Secretaries of State will be in attendance and Baroness Annabel Goldie too with Burns’ enthusiasts coming from all over the UK and abroad for this special event. As I will be chairing it, it means I have a lot to do to make it run smoothly and it is taking up a lot of time. Many people felt it appropriate for me to chair this event in Dumfries where the Bard is buried. I am a direct descendant of Robert Burns.

My weekly badminton for the over 65’s is on a Wednesday night and I find I’m bit muscle bound the next day. That makes my writing slower. So daily exercise with Georgie, weekly badminton, daily bouts of piano, clarinet or saxophone and of course the inevitable check on Facebook and e-mails, but I guess we all find time to do that.


            Many thanks to Miller for sharing information about his life in this Guest Post.               Best wishes for a highly successful celebration in January, too!

Keep reading to learn more about ‘A Reluctant Spy’ by Miller Caldwell


Title: A Reluctant Spy

Author: Miller Caldwell

Release Date: 24th September 2019

Genre: Thriller

Page Count: 250

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing




Hilda Campbell was born in the north of Scotland in 1889. She married German national Dr Willy Bűttner Richter in 1912. They honeymooned in Scotland and returned to settle in Hamburg. Dr Richter died in 1938. After visiting her ailing parents, Hilda returned to Germany just before the Second World War began. She became a double agent, controlled by Gerhardt Eicke in Germany and Lawrence Thornton in Britain. How could she cope under such strain, and with her son Otto in the German Army? Nor did she expect her evidence to be so cruelly challenged at the Nuremberg Trials. Learn of her post-war life, which took her abroad as a British Ambassador’s wife.

This is an extraordinary story based on the life of the author’s great aunt, Hilda. The book includes several authentic accounts.


Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/48141707-a-reluctant-spy

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Reluctant-Spy-Miller-Caldwell/dp/1912850648


Author Information

I retired at the age of 53 as I found I had mild cognitive impairment MCI. This is a condition which gives me a poor memory but a sharp mind. It was difficult to find work that would take me and so I decided to write books. Sixteen years later, I have written twenty three books with another two yet to be published. I have learned the book writing skills though writing clubs and writers magazines. Over the years I find my writing is much better received. I am seen as a novelist but I have three illustrated children’s books, several biographies and three self help books as well. My website sags with the volume. But I cannot be pigeon holed. It depends what theme obsesses my thinking, as that will be my next book.

I have been on the committee of the Society of Authors in Scotland and have been their Events Manager. I am due to speak at next year’s Wigtown Book Festival as A Reluctant Spy will be a documentary by then. That reminds me I have an agent. A Literary as well as a Film agent in Mathilde Vuillermoz. With her on board I will release some of my self published books through her. Without an agent it is becoming more difficult to attract traditional publishers. So I remain optimistic and find like a graph, my trajectory is currently on an upswing.


Website: https://www.millercaldwell.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/miller_caldwell


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Many thanks to Faye Rogers and Authoright for providing materials and content for this post as well as organising the tour it is part of. Thanks too, to Miller Caldwell for writing his guest post which is shared here.


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