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Pufferfish Adventures: Mike Saves the Day by JT Hobbs #Review #Children’s #Picture

Title: Mike Saves the Day

Series: Pufferfish Adventures

Author: JT Hobbs

Illustrator: Michael Terry

Published: September 28th, 2019

Pages: 19

Rating: 4.5/5*


My Review:

What a delightful children’s picture book this is, with fantastic, colourful illustrations, a lovely story and a great message.

Mike is a pufferfish and he feels like the odd one out, even though he does have friends. He feels weird because he’s the only one that can blow up like a balloon and he has spikes rather than scales. However, an adventure to the secret cave shows Mike just how useful his differences are as he comes to the rescue of his two friends!

This is a simple but important realisation for children, learning that being different really make you weird in a bad way – in fact it can be very useful! We are all different and by accepting and celebrating those differences children can start to feel better about themselves and their attributes. This is a lovely book and, as a teacher, I would certainly enjoy using it with children individually, in small groups or as a class. It could be used to enhance the learning and experiences of pupils, prompting discussions, artwork, pshe, citizenship and more – a great book in its own right and a very useful resource for teachers, too.

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book and this is my honest review after choosing to read it and thoroughly enjoying doing so. I’m very glad this is the first in a new series and hope to see more from the series in future.


Does your little one feel “uncool” sometimes?

So does Mike, because blowing up like a balloon doesn’t exactly give you points for popularity…

However… it turns out that “weird” can become a blessing!

Start reading Mike Saves the Day to your little one today so that they can:

  • Increase their self-confidence;
  • Learn to turn adversities into strengths;
  • Uncover new ways to make friends;
  • Build their self-esteem;
  • Increase their self-acceptance;
  • Recognize their strengths;
  • Appreciate their uniqueness;

and much more!

Warning: meeting Mike the Pufferfish can cause a significant improvement in your child’s self-esteem and turn their weird-ness into hero-ness!

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