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Royally Abandoned by Sarah Fischer and Kelsey McKnight #Review #Royal #Romance #readztule


Title: Royally Abandoned

Authors: Sarah Fischer and Kelsey McKnight

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: October 1st, 2019

Rating: 4/5




My Review:

This is the story of Greyson Montgomery, the Crown Prince of Aldora, wanting not to be royal any more and rejecting his birthright. He wants to find someone who will love him for himself and not just for his title. He wants to live in America and work to earn his living and have the chance to meet people without the pomp, ceremony and expectations that come for being the Crown Prince. His parents reluctantly agree to let him see what it is like for a month. He goes to live in Savannah, Georgia and works in the construction industry, making great use of his skills as a carpenter. He also gets to meet Scarlett Calhoun after almost having a car crash with her. She’s from a wealthy family, has already had an inheritance from her grandmother and is soon endeavouring to help him learn to cook! As Christmas approaches, Greyson invites her to spend the festive season with him and his family. However, he still hasn’t told her about his royal pedigree or what he’s decided but what will happen when he does so?

This is a right royal read, with family pressures, royal expectations, politics and problems. Sometimes people appear to like you but are really manipulating you for their own ends, the difficulty is in realising it is happening! I really liked Harrison, Greyson’s brother, and hope we’ll get to read more about him and his romance in a future novel. I was gifted a copy of this book by the publishers and this is my honest review after choosing to read the book.


A seat on the throne or a place in her heart?

Greyson Montgomery dreams of a simple life, but as the crown prince of Aldora, simple is not in his future. Before ascending the throne on Christmas Eve, Greyson is given one month to explore how the other half lives. Armed with a few hundred dollars and a fake backstory, Greyson flies to Savannah, Georgia, to see if he has what it takes to chase the American Dream.

Scarlett Calhoun is a Southern Belle with a heart as big as a Georgia peach. When she meets the charming construction worker, Greyson, it isn’t long before she is embracing the holiday cheer. Soon, she’s teaching him how to cook, falling for his exotic accent and soulful eyes, and joining him on picnic lunches where they talk for hours.

With Christmas Eve nearing, Greyson must fly back to Aldora and either abdicate the throne, or take his rightful place as king. Will he ignore his birthright to remain with Scarlett or will she be royally abandoned?

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